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Web Hosting Trends in 2016

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 16 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

When the average person thinks of web hosting, they think of a place to upload their files and little more. While this is indeed the primary purpose of web hosting, it is important to realize that technology and its trends are steadily marching forward. We are over halfway through 2016, and while the year has not brought anything spectacularly new to the hosting market, it has solidified several trends in the field. Let’s explore some of the standards that web hosts should adhere to if they... (more...)

The Best Ways to Customize Your Tech

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 10 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

Technology has become such a fixture in our lives that it’s easy to ignore it. Of course that might have something to do with the fact that the aesthetics of that tech is often mind-numbingly boring. Phone, laptop, e-reader, and tablet manufacturers put out a range of options every year designed to appeal to those whose preferences run toward black, silver, white, or gunmetal. The rest of us are left researching cases in the hope that we’ll find something that’s equally cool and... (more...)

Maximize your brand using digital promotion

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 3 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

Base Your Digital Marketing Campaign From Your Official Online Company Headquarters Before you launch your official business website, it’s an excellent idea to have a few ideas mapped out concerning the digital marketing campaign that you plan to implement in order to properly advertise your goods and services. Without an adequately thought out marketing master plan, your business is bound to fall flat on its face, for the simple reason that no one will ever have an opportunity to hear about... (more...)

Just how immersive will VR actually be?

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 12 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

Virtual reality is almost set to become a reality, and everyone is wondering if it is going to live up to expectations. The potential is endless, but will the graphics start off looking reminiscent of something from Nintendo Wii, or will gamers actually be entering fully immersive worlds with rich landscapes, as seen in current console games such as Fallout 4? Is VR going to serve as a brief escape from reality, or are people going to create new virtual lives for themselves? One would hope that the... (more...)

Is Android Wear for Gaming?

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 4 - 2016ADD COMMENTS
Android Gaming

There are now more than two million Android apps crammed into Google Play and, according to Statista, 41.2% of those apps are games. From free play simulators to paid for platforms, the Android market is literally buzzing with games of all shapes and sizes. With users now comfortable downloading everything from Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds and 32Red’s Game of Thrones by Microgaming to Oddrok Action’s Power Hover, the market is now looking towards wearable tech. Although we’re... (more...)

What Makes a Successful Website?

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 4 - 2016ADD COMMENTS
Web Design

A high-quality website is vital for a successful business. An unattractive or poorly designed website can actually hurt your business rather than help it. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to website design, which is why custom web design is essential. However, there are general components that any successful website must have. How Your Website Can Stand Out from Your Competitors The site should have good organization and not be cluttered. It should be clean and professional looking because... (more...)