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What to Do After Upgrading Your Mobile Device

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 16 - 2015ADD COMMENTS
Apple iPhone

These days upgrading electronics is something most people do automatically – on a yearly schedule, according to some statistics. Gadgets are so inexpensive that a new color option or screen size is all it takes to render a device virtually obsolete. And while affordable access to the latest and greatest tech is a good thing, the amount of e-waste generated as a result may be substantial. The United States is the world leader in when it comes to e-waste, but China is close behind and Europeans throw... (more...)

Globe and keyboard

Ask anyone, and Facebook is the go to source for social networking and media. Once upon a time MySpace was the king of the hill, but despite Justin Timberlake’s support and the frenzy of social and real world events MySpace has made to increase their user base, it’s just a dead horse (they still keep beating it though). No one wants to use it, and no one is really interested in it. Meanwhile Facebook has become more of a brand than a service, creating numerous things that tie it’s increasingly... (more...)

Gaming gets even more social

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 24 - 2015ADD COMMENTS
Mobile gaming, angry birds

Last summer, Cyber-Knowledge writer Jennifer Thayer shared some insights on how the gaming experience is changing in this article. At the core of her post, she was getting at the fact that more and more people are playing games on their mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) than ever before. And in doing so, they’re creating a large population of “gamers” who may have never considered playing games beyond their childhood. But thanks to the simplicity of acquiring and playing... (more...)

What having a quad core processor really means

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 15 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

These days, buying a mobile device means being inundated with options – most of which assume a level of technological savvy that’s most of the general population does not possess. Price, screen size and coverage area are easy to understand. Other specs, not so much. One of the current hot talking points in the mobile sphere among those in the know is processors. The most common choices (dual-core versus quad-core) seem simple enough, but what are dual core and quad core processors and why... (more...)

What’s the difference between unlocking and jailbreaking?

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 30 - 2014ADD COMMENTS
iPhone jailbreak and unlocking

Many smart phone users want more control over their devices. When you currently buy a cell phone, you have no control over the operating system, and no control over which carrier you use. That’s why services offering to unlock and jailbreak your phones have been springing up all over the internet. However, there’s an important distinction between the two, and it’s important to know the difference. Both jailbreaking, and unlocking give you as the consumer more choice to do what you want with... (more...)

How the iPad Air 2 Can Replace Your Electronics

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 4 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Technology is constantly evolving and there are new devices being introduced to the market everyday. These devices allow us to read books, listen to music, video chat with friends, watch movies, make phone calls, and more. And while it is great to have all of this amazing technology at our fingertips, some people are finding that, well, they just don’t have enough fingertips to keep track of it all! It’s device overload in 2014. With a gadget for everything, it can be hard to keep track of all... (more...)