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Uptime isn’t everything: Analyzing page load time

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 17 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

When picking out a web host there is more to it than uptime and how much bandwidth and disk space they offer. The biggest factor is often times the hardest to discern before actually registering an account. It’s so important that it will even play a large role in how well your websites will rank in Google. That’s right, it’s your website’s response time. However, there are a couple things to do to get an idea of how well your new server will respond. There’s also some things you can do... (more...)

A Peek Into the Nintendo Gaming Systems

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 15 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

What is Nintendo? Nintendo is a Japanese multinational electronics company established in September, 1889. Firstly, the company used to make playing cards and then later they turned their business into providing cab services and operating love hotels by 1963. In 1970s, Nintendo transformed its business into making video games console and today standing as world’s largest gaming console company by revenue. Nintendo develops both home consoles and handheld consoles. Brief History In 1980s, the company... (more...)

Countdown till Fifa 15

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 9 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

  With all of the hype surrounding this year’s world cup, I would expect this year’s release of Fifa 15 to be a hot selling game. With the introduction of emotional intensity into both the players and fans, this year’s Fifa has something new to offer compared to previous years. According to Electronic Arts, the emotion the players have adds a whole new layer of realism to this already awesome soccer game. The wait isn’t much longer either with an expected release date of September 23... (more...)

Transfer IPv4 to IPv6 – What You Need to Know

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 2 - 2014ADD COMMENTS
Fiber Internet

For decades, the internet thrived and survived on the strength of IPv4 and its numbering system, which supplied internet addresses in the billions. Recently however, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) allocated to regional internet registries the last of its unused large blocks of IPv4 addresses, thereby using up almost all of the remaining fresh numbers. This marked the end of the internet as we know it, and was caused mainly by the increasing popularity of the World... (more...)

What kinds of technology are in the warehouse?

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 31 - 2014ADD COMMENTS
World connected

Managing a warehouse is a huge task to undertake, and it can quickly become complicated if you don’t have the appropriate tools and resources with which to do so. For instance, warehouse managers are in charge of keeping track of the imports and exports that come and go from the warehouse as well as landing costs, inventory and various other factors. Numerous operations go on within a warehouse that many people might not even be aware of. For instance, warehouse managers also have to worry about... (more...)

Are you wasting your time online?

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 21 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Do you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, or with a laptop on your lap, or maybe with a tablet PC or a smartphone in your hand? And while connected to the internet, are you browsing through the updates of your Facebook friends (possibly people you haven’t seen in your life) laughing at their funny cat pictures, shared gossip about celebrities or motivational quotes? Yes? Well, in this case, you are wasting your time online. OK, I know, doing nothing is relaxing, and filling... (more...)