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Reivew: choosing between a laptop and a tablet

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 20 - 2016Comments Off on Reivew: choosing between a laptop and a tablet

When shopping for a new computer, one of the many questions you might have is should you go with a laptop or a tablet? Or, do you need both? When the time comes to buy, these are a few things which will help you to determine what the right option is for you, and what is going to offer the most flexibility for use, based on how you plan on using the device. Portability Both are portable; but, a laptop may require a case while a tablet fits comfortably in the hand. If you are using it for work, a laptop... (more...)

How to find the best deal on an Xbox One

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 7 - 2016Comments Off on How to find the best deal on an Xbox One

A new Xbox One is going to set you back several hundred pounds; but, knowing where to shop, how and when to shop, and how to go about price comparison, is an easy way in which you can save a bit when buying one. Due to the fact that there are great promos, sales, package options, and of course online financing you can do with several catalogs, when you do take some time to compare and shop, it is highly likely you are going to find a better deal when you are finally ready to buy and invest in your... (more...)

Knowing When to Upgrade Your Gadgets

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 3 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

Modern technology is pretty amazing, but I think we can all agree that it comes at a price. One of the downsides of today’s latest gadgets is that they seem to be relevant for only a year or two before it’s time for an upgrade. Whether you attribute that to the never-ending march of technological process, or planned obsolescence on behalf of greedy industrialists, one thing is certain: in a year or two, your smartphone will be yesterday’s news! Here’s some insight that can... (more...)

Web Hosting Trends in 2016

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 16 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

When the average person thinks of web hosting, they think of a place to upload their files and little more. While this is indeed the primary purpose of web hosting, it is important to realize that technology and its trends are steadily marching forward. We are over halfway through 2016, and while the year has not brought anything spectacularly new to the hosting market, it has solidified several trends in the field. Let’s explore some of the standards that web hosts should adhere to if they... (more...)

The Best Ways to Customize Your Tech

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 10 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

Technology has become such a fixture in our lives that it’s easy to ignore it. Of course that might have something to do with the fact that the aesthetics of that tech is often mind-numbingly boring. Phone, laptop, e-reader, and tablet manufacturers put out a range of options every year designed to appeal to those whose preferences run toward black, silver, white, or gunmetal. The rest of us are left researching cases in the hope that we’ll find something that’s equally cool and... (more...)

Maximize your brand using digital promotion

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 3 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

Base Your Digital Marketing Campaign From Your Official Online Company Headquarters Before you launch your official business website, it’s an excellent idea to have a few ideas mapped out concerning the digital marketing campaign that you plan to implement in order to properly advertise your goods and services. Without an adequately thought out marketing master plan, your business is bound to fall flat on its face, for the simple reason that no one will ever have an opportunity to hear about... (more...)