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Are you wasting your time online?

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 21 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Do you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, or with a laptop on your lap, or maybe with a tablet PC or a smartphone in your hand? And while connected to the internet, are you browsing through the updates of your Facebook friends (possibly people you haven’t seen in your life) laughing at their funny cat pictures, shared gossip about celebrities or motivational quotes? Yes? Well, in this case, you are wasting your time online. OK, I know, doing nothing is relaxing, and filling... (more...)

Is VoIP the right choice for your business?

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 17 - 2014ADD COMMENTS
People standing in group

Many businesses these days are taking advantage of VoIP services.  There are a ton of advantages for using internet based telephone services, including price, expandability, ease of use, and ability to establish large conferences calls.  And while there are a couple of drawbacks, VoIP is the best choice for most businesses. The most obvious benefit to a VoIP phone system is the cost saving benefits.  Since you’re using the internet to communicate, there are no additional costs for making phone... (more...)

How the gaming experience has changed

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 12 - 2014ADD COMMENTS
Gamer dog tag

If you’re a child of the 80s or 90s, then you are well aware of how much video games have changed over the last three decades. The industry has come quite a long way since those original 8-bit video games on the Nintendo Entertainment System – or simply NES, as an entire generation of kids referred to it. By the time that Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis hit the market, gaming had reached the next stage in its natural evolution, and 16-bit games made 8-bit games appear obsolete. And then,... (more...)

The Importance of an IT Team In Today’s Economy

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 7 - 2014ADD COMMENTS
Servers in datacenter

With more businesses integrating information technology into their communications and commercial processing methods, the need for consistent information technology support is required. Information technology, also called IT, refers to the way computer data is stored, utilized, and processed for businesses and organizations. With IT, businesses and organizations are able to effectively command their business actions electronically. However, as an electronically-based service, IT is susceptible to... (more...)

Easily transfer files to your new PC

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 4 - 2014ADD COMMENTS
Fiber Optic

For novice PC users, transferring your applications and files to a new computer wasn’t always the easiest task. Windows has made a few attempts over the years to assist in the process, but none of them have been perfect. Certain transfer tools work on one windows version, while not working on others, while still some may not transfer all your applications over smoothly. EaseUS PCTrans has put an end to that by coming out with a simple and easy to use tility that can transfer all your files quickly... (more...)


Modern people prefer watching visual media rather than reading simple text. Videos have been proven to instigate strong emotions and optimize the prospective impact including viewers’ engagement and consumption behavior. Naturally, a rapidly growing number of businesses, writers, companies and private people embed video content on their websites and social channels. Nevertheless, videos, amazing and captivating as they may be, will not do the trick, unless they are treated properly; that means,... (more...)