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Archive for July, 2006

myRSS – RSS Feeder

Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 31 - 2006

Well that was going to be the name of the RSS feeder, I’ve coded but now I’m not so sure. is taken as is And upon googleing myrss there is already a SourceForge project named that. So I was trying to think of names to name it when Bawked recommended quickRSS. The .net version of it is avalible so that’s what I’m using so far. Anyways I took some movies of my screen of me using the RSS feeder, one for dial-up and one for broadband. I’m not going... (more...)

New WordPress

Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 30 - 2006

I just updated WordPress to version 2.0.4. Man their coding is just awesome, I’m beyond satisfied. To upgrade, you upload the new files and go to upgrade.php, it really couldn’t be easier. I honestly have no idea why people use horrid blogs like MySpace. Anyways on the small chance you find broken links, or other bugs please let me know. At the moment I’m moving files around on my PCs, shredding files, zero filling hard drives, and installing operating systems. I’ll... (more...)

Hit Breakdown

Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 27 - 2006

Well first off, thank you John Oates for submitting this article, my website has never had so many hits before. Could you please comment on how you found my blog, I’m just curious? Also thank you to the person who submitted my entry to Reddit as well. Just thought I’d show the July stats to everyone. This site and blog opened July 15th basically, and since then has had over two thousand unique hits. Glad to see a ton of Firefox users out there, only wish Opera users would start to... (more...) owned with XSS

Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 26 - 2006

Someone has posted malicious javascript on that pops up alert boxes, and redirects to The alert boxes were removed quite fast, but the redirect on is still there as of 5:58 AM Central time. More details can be found at PacketStorm. Apparently the author warned netscape about this flaw multiple times, and posted it on PacketStorm, so you can’t really feel bad for what happened. Upon visting you are greeted with the message “fuck”... (more...)

GMail – How Do They Have So Much Space?

Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 24 - 2006

I was looking at my gmail account yesterday, and noticed they were up to around 2.7 gigs of email space. So that got me thinking, how many users does gmail have? Well after doing some research, I found some estimates that gmail had around ~50 million users. So let’s do the math. claims to offer 2747 MBs of space. GMail has an estimated ~50 million users. 50,000,000 * 2747 = 1152175308800000000 bits 144021913600000000 bytes 140646400000000 kilobytes 137350000000 megabytes 134130859.37500... (more...)

Some updates

Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 21 - 2006

Added a new theme on the blog. Modded it slightly to my liking, if you discover any bugs with it please contact me. Also added a latest comments hack. I know there are plugins to do such things, but I like to make my own things. Also the one I tried made the HTML foobar and the whole blog looked screwed up. The .phps of the hack can be downloaded here. Some total lamer stole my tutorial, and posted it on his horrid looking website which can be found here. Edit: He removed it, link = broken.... (more...)