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Archive for September, 2006

AOL Being Sued Over The Leak

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 26 - 2006

Well it was only a matter of time. It’s a class action lawsuit accusing AOL of violating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and of fraudulent and deceptive business practices. They’re asking for $5,000 dollars per instance. With over 650,000 users affected, that would amount to $3,250,000,000. They’re demanding a trial by jury, so everyone will be able to watch them get drilled in to the ground. While the lawsuits states that no usernames were leaked, it’s saying... (more...)

Social Book Marking – A Spyware Makers Dream?

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 26 - 2006

In the last two years according to their wiki entry, has over one million unique visitors per day on their website. In case you’re unaware of Digg, and social book marking in general perhaps you should start with Digg’s How Stuff Works page. Recently I submitted two different applications that made it to the front page of Digg. Both of them were quick apps to make things easier for Digg users. Of course instantly, there were hundreds of downloads. Now my software is legit,... (more...)

Digg IRC Bot

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 24 - 2006

Wrote a little app that parses Digg’s RSS feeds, and outputs any new stories into an IRC channel. Just another small app to go alone with Digg Notify. I again made a static page for it, where you can find out more info. If you’re interested in any socket programming you should check out the source to it. It’s very easy to understand, and this is a basic example of how to use it. From here it should be easy to make an IRC client or IRC bot. [Read More..]  Read More →

The 10 Commandments of Web Design

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 24 - 2006

Here are some useful tips to a new or experienced web master. Perhaps a the 10 commandments for SEO is next? Thou Shalt Have Purpose: Clearly define the site’s purpose and ensure all content, graphics, and text tightly focus on that purpose. Discard all extraneous or distracting material and regularly revisit your site to ensure all changes fit with the site’s primary purpose. Thou Shalt Be Lightweight: Use only fast-loading graphics and other elements. If you must use large graphics... (more...)

Digg Notifier

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 22 - 2006

The idea from this project came from another app that did the same thing. However their app was buggy, and not really functional. Mine seems to work fine. Digg Notifier will pop up a small box in the bottom right side of your screen, to notify you when someone Dugg one of your last 15 submissions. Once the submission hits front page it will alert you to that fact, and stop notifying you, as it would be quite annoying. It has as a feature to ignore certain stories, and have a minimal amount of... (more...)

5 Windows Vista Secrets You Must Know

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 21 - 2006

Open Command Prompt Here: By holding shift down while right clicking on a file you can get extra menus. One of which will be a command prompt button. It will open CMD in that directory. I use this for perl scripts I need to run. To.. Copy As Path: If you look at the above screen shots you will see a new “Copy as Path”. This will copy the entire file path IE: C:\File.txt. I would have used to use this to cd into the directory via command prompt, but as we know that’s not... (more...)