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Archive for October, 2006

Vista Premium – $110 @ NewEgg

Posted by Alex Bailey On October - 28 - 2006

I’ve heard numerous people complain about how outrageous the Windows Vista prices will be. It seems NewEgg is offering a great promotion to get people to buy XP. If you buy Windows Media Center right now for $110 dollars, when Vista comes out you will get a free upgrade to Vista Premium edition. The better version of Windows you buy now, the better version of Vista you will get later. Quite a nice deal and a great incentive to upgrade.  Read More → Experiencing 4 Times Their Normal Traffic

Posted by Alex Bailey On October - 25 - 2006

With the hype of Mozilla releasing their version 2.0 of the popular browser Firefox, their servers are under heavy load. Alexa is already reporting 4 times the normal amount of website hits as usual. Currently the .com version of Mozilla is rated at 105, while its .org version is at 151. Normally is rated at around 11 thousand, while this week’s average is 5.8k and the days average is 2.5k. Still huge jumps in traffic, with all the devoted Firefox fans :). Mozilla is urging... (more...)

With the ever increasing popularity of social networking websites such as, more and more jobs are starting to search for the dirt on you. Everything you’ve written on your blog, myspace, or even posted on a flickr account is available to the whole internet. What you’ve posted years ago could come back to haunt you. Meet Reputation Defender, a service claiming to “destroy” all traces of what you’ve posted in the past. Their service claims to work on MySpace,... (more...)

Firefox 2.0 “Officially” Released

Posted by Alex Bailey On October - 24 - 2006

Shortly after the release if IE7, Mozilla has released the final version of Firefox 2.0 today. While not officially released on Mozilla’s website the 2.0 final build is uploaded to their FTP server. It’s scheduled to be “officially” released on Tuesday; technically today as I am posting this at 3:40 AM. Thanks to CyberNetNews for the code to download it using their load balancing system. The final build doesn’t appear to be any different than RC3, however it has... (more...)

The Evolution of Web Search?

Posted by Alex Bailey On October - 23 - 2006

That’s just what TWERQ is calling their new search engine. One of the main features they boast about is tabbed searching. Upon making a search on TWERQ, you have a few options of how searches are made. You can use two ++ signs to open two new tabs. For instance searching for Ajax++PHP would open two tabs one searching for Ajax, and one for PHP. You can also do Ajax+PHP\\tutorial which would append the word “tutorial” to Ajax and PHP in the search tabs. For a full list of all... (more...)

Spell With Flickr

Posted by Alex Bailey On October - 22 - 2006

Ever wanted a useless program to download images from flickr to spell words? Well you’re in luck, “Spell with flickr” is a service to just that. It works quite well almost every time. This project obviously isn’t practical, but it is a great learning experience. Erik Kastner has made the entire project open source. It’s coded in a combination of PHP and JavaScript. The source of it can be downloaded from his website. (Main Source, RSS Source, JS Source). Granted... (more...)