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Archive for November, 2006

Firefox Extension: New Tab Homepage

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 30 - 2006

If you’re using Firefox, then you’ll notice when you open a new tab it doesn’t go to your homepage. It actually goes to a blank screen. This has been bugging me for some time, so I googled around and found an extension that makes it go to your homepage. If you have more than one homepage set for multiple tabs, then it will default to the first one you have set. A bug I see with this extension is that when using it, it doesn’t work with “autotext”. Meaning... (more...)

20,000 Free Music Videos

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 29 - 2006

With all the fuss around YouTube hosting copyrighted videos, I’m surprised they aren’t doing anything about all the copyrighted music videos they host. In fact if you crawl their site you’ll find 10s of thousands of music videos. With a simple PHP script you can create yourself an archive of 20,000 free music videos, that stream incredibly fast. Granted some of the videos are people singing or playing the guitar over the actual music, but that’s a small portion. Some of... (more...)

Resize Web Forms With All Browsers

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 29 - 2006

I’ve seen browser specific extensions that allow the resizing of textboxes, but this one tops them all. It’s a simple bit of JavaScript that you favorite place. Once it’s on your favorite places you put the cursor in the text box you want to resize. You then visit the book mark, and resize away. For Internet Explorer you can just drag the book mark into the text box you want to resize. There is one downside ““ and that being you need to click the book mark each time... (more...)

Opensource Democracy Player Updated

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 28 - 2006

Democracy released version 0.9.2 today, and it’s actually usable. Previous versions were running rampant with memory leaks, freezing, and horribly slow. While the new version is slightly sluggish, it’s a 100% improvement. Switching between different channels now only lags for about a half second, compared to hardly working before.  Read More →

WalMart Starting Video Download Service

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 28 - 2006

Wal-Mart has decided to get its foot in the door offering movie downloads off their website. It’s not a true download service yet, and will require an actual purchase of the physical DVD. On the DVD will be a sticker directing the user to, where they will need to enter a promotion code. You can then download another copy of the DVD for a portable device ($1.97), a PC or laptop ($2.97), and a copy for both ($3.97). For now superman will be the only bundled offer, but... (more...)

Search Visually Using PageBull

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 28 - 2006

Tired of sifting through text to get what you want from search engines? Well PageBull is offering visual searches. This means when you search for something the results are displayed with images. The sites they find will appear in thumbnails across the screen. You simply click on the image that looks best. There is no way to create advanced searches or anything, but you can change the amount of images to display. There is a downside to searching like this however. If your search turns up results... (more...)