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Archive for December, 2006

Unreal Tournament 2007 Release Date

Posted by On December - 31 - 2006

As I was browsing the websites of Wal-Mart and Target I noticed Unreal Tournament 2007 with a release date. I have read that it will be released in the first quarter of 2007, but had not seen an exact date. Wal-Mart has a release date set for January 5th, 2007 and also provides a preview video for all you curious people out there. Target also has a release date set, but theirs is set for January 8th, 2006. The game is currently only being sold for PC, so all of you PlayStation 3 fan boys out there... (more...)

divShare: The RapidShare Alternative

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 29 - 2006

If you’ve been using RapidShare or Yousendit to send files across the internet, you might be interested in divShare. You can upload or download files at high speeds with no wait time – without registering. There is no file size limit on what you can upload, you can download the file as many times as you want, and the files unlike Yousendit will last forever. Basically there are no restrictions; and yes it’s a free service! Registering does have its advantage. You can track how... (more...)

Omea Pro Goes Free

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 27 - 2006

Omea has always been my favorite RSS reader, for its abundance of features. Now that the pro version of it is absolutely free, there is no reason not to try it out. Along with RSS, it also works with Outlook to import your contacts into its built in address book. To send and receive mail you can use the built in mail client as well. You can take notes within the program, and give it certain flags. You can even manage all your news groups using the supported NNTP protocol. I’m going... (more...)

Review Of With Creative’s Zen Vision:M, The iPod Alternative

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 26 - 2006

With all the hype around Apple’s iPod, I don’t think many people are looking into alternatives. Recently I got my hands on Creative’s Zen:M mp3 player, and think it’s great. It has 30 gigs for music, videos, and pictures. Along with the typical media formats you can also use it as a storage device for any type of file. Its color screen makes watching music videos or going through your photo gallery on slideshow mode a breeze. It also has a very nice feature Apple’s... (more...)

Convert PDF + TXT Files To An MP3 Recording

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 25 - 2006

Using a few tools such as Mp3 My Mp3 which I previously demonstrated could easily record Skype calls, you can turn PDF and text files into an mp3 file. Mp3 My Mp3 records sound directly from the sound card, so it should be noted that you can’t have any music or any other sounds playing at the time of the recording. On a positive note, this also means that you can turn your speakers off during the process. Firstly you’ll need open Adobe’s PDF reader, and go to View > Read Out Loud,... (more...)

Alex Tew’s Pixelotto Is Almost A Complete Failure

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 23 - 2006

Lighting can’t strike twice I guess, because Alex Tew’s second chance at a million dollars is almost a complete failure. 20 days ago, I reported that he’d be trying his luck again, with a slightly different approach. He was going to charge $2 a pixel, and have a lottery for the extra one million earned. Surprisingly enough the idea didn’t work. For the last 2 weeks or so, he’s been stuck at the same amount of money earned ($143,000) . Some advertises are even starting... (more...)