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Archive for January, 2007

Adsense relevancy will easily increase your CTR, and can give you a huge boost in earnings. I’m relatively new to blogging, and websites in general. I don’t know a lot of the fancy terms, and I don’t know all of the best SEO/money making strategies. However, I’ve been with Adsense for a few months now, and just learned a neat trick. You can tell Adsense which words to spider while it’s looking for words to use in the advertisements. By using some HTML comments tags,... (more...)

Vista Task Manager Control Alt Delete Alternatives

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 31 - 2007

Say hasta la Vista to control alt delete in Windows Vista. If you’re familiar with those legendary keys bringing up the Task Manager, get ready for a change. Vista’s control alt delete now brings up a full screen menu. Your options? Lock this computer Switch User Log off Change a password Open Task Manager So far I’ve not come accross any hacks to directly fix the issue, but there are still three solutions. Solution #1 The new keyboard short cut is CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. Seems a little... (more...)

divShare Adds Embedded Audio Feature

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 29 - 2007

Back in December I blogged about divShare, and how it has the potential to be a strong rapid share competitor. Today they’ve introduced a feature to embed audio in your website, making it a very unique file sharing website. A week ago or so, they announced you could upload MP3 files and stream them from their server. In that post they announced the ability to embed the songs is in the near future, but today it’s a reality. The player is very sleek, and uses Macromedia’s flash... (more...)

Firefox Extension: Stylish. Customize Google/YouTube With Custom CSS

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 28 - 2007

Are you sick of Google’s boring blue on white search results? Well so am I. Luckily it’s very easy to customize websites with your own CSS cheats with the Stylish plugin for Firefox. Once you’ve installed that plugin, you can easily customize any website you’d like. Valacar offers some customized pages for Google search, news, videos, and YouTube. All you have to do is click the install button. Removing them is very simple. Just go to Tools > Addons, and select Stylish.... (more...)

Prevent Accidental Clicks On Your Own AdSense Ads

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 27 - 2007

I’ve been an Adsense publisher for a few months now, and overall it’s been an enjoyable experience. I’ve had little problems using it, and there are a lot of nice features. However this month while working on my theme, I accidentally clicked my own ad. That’s obviously against Google’s ToS, and could get you banned. I quickly emailed Adsense, and all was well. This got me thinking. How can I make it so I can’t click my own ads? Well Greasemonkey to the rescue! To... (more...)

Launchy: Launch Apps And Search Your PC In Real Time

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 26 - 2007

After test driving Vista for a few months, there is one feature I miss most; the ability to type part of a word in the run box, bringing up results in real time. From there you can simply hit enter to execute the program in question. If you’re on a Windows XP box, all hope is not lost. Launchy is an Open Source application to mimic the Vista function. The interface of Launch is very sleek, and similar to Vista’s black theme. It comes built in with some handy commands. For instance... (more...)