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Archive for February, 2007

Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon Exchange Networks; What’s The Point?

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 21 - 2007

I’ve gone through many stages over my time on the internets. I’ve been hooked on IRC, forums, social news, and SEO websites. However after years of experiencing all of those things, I seem to do an equal mixture of all of the above. However, it still amuses me that members of Digital Point’s forums think getting on a social news website means instant success. Members there have created all sorts of lame website attempting to get traffic from social news websites. What’s... (more...)

Alexa Gets New Changes; Adds Geotargeting

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 20 - 2007

While I don’t necessarily like Alexa, I like what they are trying to do. Their results aren’t fully accurate, but it’s really one of the best resources we have. Recently they just updated their traffic rankings website to show more information about users visiting your website. In the updates they’ve included your reach percent, the country your users come from, the rank of your website in other countries, and changed the “Today” text to “Yesterday”.... (more...)

Three Cool NES Mods

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 19 - 2007

Ever wonder what modders are doing with their old NES systems? Here are 5 awesome examples. In terms of shear creativity, the NES PS2 look alike mod definitely wins. It’s really just a fancy paint job, with blue LEDs to highlight the PS2 font that says NES. However, it’s very unique and looks great. NES painted to look like a PS2 1 Ghz PC stuffed in to an NES case I saw this a while ago. It runs Windows 98, and plays old Nintendo games on an emulator. It even still uses the standard... (more...)

GMail Open For Public Registration…Seriously…

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 14 - 2007

When you tell your email to someone, and they ask what GMail is, what do you normally reply with? “Oh it’s Google’s email, but it’s invite only.”? Well Google’s mail is no longer for the elite nerd, as it’s finally opened to the public. Sure there have been many false alarms, but this one is real. This doesn’t mean they are out of beta though. That’ll be another 3 years or so. Thanks for Cybernet’s Forum for pointing this out.  Read More →

UT3/UTK7/Unreal Tournament 2007 Images

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 14 - 2007

Here are some cool images of what UT3/UT2k7 will look like. Keep in mind these aren’t in game screen shots. It’s getting to be a huge disappointment that there are in fact no in game images. UT3 was supposed to be released in Q1 of 2007, however, that’s clearly not going to happen. Full image Full image Full image Full image Full image Full image Hardestboss collected these.  Read More →

Firefox Extension: Get Up-to-date Adsense Earnings

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 11 - 2007

Are you an Adsense junkie, checking your earnings multiple times a day? If so, Adsense Notifier is the perfect solution. It gives you up to date reports of your earnings on the bottom of your browser. It tells you everything you’d want to know, including impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPM, and earnings for the day. You can set it to display for week, month, day, last five business days, and more. The plugin is highly customizable, and you can control most aspects. You can set it to update... (more...)