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Archive for April, 2007

Google Tweaks Algo To Favor Wikipedia

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 29 - 2007

When searching for broad terms such as “pizza” or “karate” one of the top 10 entries will usually be from Wikipedia. However, it appears that Google has tweaked their algorithm so that whenever a user appends the word “information” or “info” (no quotes) to a search, the first result is almost always a Wikipedia entry. Google appears to be parsing out the first line of a Wikipedia entry, and using it as the text in the Google result. When searching... (more...)

AOL Blatantly Copies Yahoo’s Portal

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 27 - 2007

AOL has done some pretty low things in their miserable existence, but this has got to be the worst. In what seems like a pathetic attempt at a web portal, they totally copied’s design. It’s so blatant, it seems as if it were done to get attention to themselves. Almost every detail is the same right down to the order of the links in the left side bar, and the order of the links above the search bar. Click here for the larger image. According to Tech Crunch, even AOL employees... (more...)

Firefox Extension: Compress Your Toolbars

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 26 - 2007

Since web browsers are a daily part of our life, getting the most out of them is very important. The more tool bars you own, the less of a website’s content you actually see. That’s where Tiny Menu comes in. It allows you to compress the bar that contains File, Edit, View, etc in to one small button or image. If done correctly you can get rid of the whole tool bar all together. The steps to do this are simple. First and foremost, install the extension. After that, right click the... (more...)

How To Use RSS: The Simple Way

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 24 - 2007

To tech savvy computer users experimenting with new things isn’t a big deal. You read on the subject, ask people, or post on a forum. However, a lot of users are afraid to try new things. One of the most useful things for news junkies is RSS. RSS is such an important thing, which I use daily. It really never occurred to be how complex it may seem to certain users. Opening a file and seeing all that XML can be overwhelming. However, I just saw this cool video that explained RSS in normal... (more...)

TurboTax Refunding Customers That Filed Late

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 21 - 2007

In a press release, Intuit says it will be refunding customers that paid Turbo tax to file their taxes online from April 17 and 18. Apparently during peak hours, which is around a day before they’re due, their servers experienced a critical database failure. Oops. They’re offering to pay for any fees the IRS dishes out, but does not foresee this to be an issue at the time. As of now the IRS has extended the time to file for all Turbo Tax customers by a period of two days. Intuit... (more...)

Google Releases Free 411 Service

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 7 - 2007

Google has put a service in their labs section called Goog-411, and it’s completely amazing. Upon dialing the easy to remember number (1-800-GOOG-411), you’re greeted with an automated voice. He asks your city and state, and then asks what you’re looking for. The results said in chunks of 8, and you can say which number you want at any time. The automated voice will tell you the details including phone number and address over the phone, or text message you. If you’ve... (more...)