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Archive for May, 2007

Free WordPress Theme: One Night In Paris. Tan/Black/Red

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 27 - 2007

Nah, it’s really named “Paris”, but that’d be pretty funny :). Anyways this theme is geared towards ladies since there aren’t many themes for them yet. For some reason the graphic in the top left corner reminds me of someone from France – no idea why. This theme has a tan post area, black back ground, and spots of red thrown around here and there. The theme was sponsored by three people; Ventrilo, Jewelry Supplies, and Directory Online. Like always, please... (more...)

Free WordPress Theme: A Method Of Life. Blue/White

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 25 - 2007

A method of life is a sleek WordPress theme. It’s mostly blue, and has a white back ground. It’s a two column theme on the main page, and single column when you view a single post. Adsense is integrated in to the side bar with decent blending, so there’s minimal work needed. It’s sponsored by MySpace Stuff and Hot Fix Rhinestones. Please keep all sponsor links on all themes I release. They’re the only ones that keep me releasing free WordPress themes. If you’re... (more...)

Encryption: Change The Way Gaim/Pidgin Store Passwords

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 24 - 2007

For as long as Gaim has been in existence, the passwords you store are in plain text. All can be found in in ~/.gaim/accounts.xml. If you’re on Windows, it might be in your user’s local settings. This can pose as a security risk if you’ve accidentally installed malware, or even have someone snooping around. Gaim’s (now pidgin) makers are fully aware of the problem, but don’t see it as a huge risk. In fact in their F.A.Q they show a clear bias towards Linux, and... (more...)

Free WordPress Theme: Dark Carbon. Blue/Black/Gray

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 22 - 2007

This is a free WordPress theme that was coded for the latest version of WordPress. The background is black, the post area is white, and there are blue images. The heading is text so you can easily swap what you want it to say. Included is the full PSD to change anything you want on it. I ask that you keep all sponsor links, as they are the only things keeping these themes free. This theme isn’t widget ready, however, most future ones will be hopefully. It’s a standard two column... (more...)

WordPress Plugin To Reduce 70% Of Spam

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 9 - 2007

If you’ve ever owned a WordPress blog, you know that the amount of spam comments is ridiculous. I get a couple thousand spam comments per week, and checking through Akismet to find false positives would be nearly impossible. Shifting through comments, there is a clear pattern of spam. A lot of them use bbcode for forums (currently not supported by wordpress). Others simply put a hundred blogspot links in the comment area. This plugin simply blocks obvious spam comments using the following... (more...)

Digg’s Censoring Continues

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 9 - 2007

If by some odd chance you missed the Digg revolt news on your RSS reader, the basic summary can be found at TechCrunch. The basic story is that Digg surrounded to a mob after it spammed the HD DVD processing key on all stories. They did this in order to protest Digg’s decision to censor the key and ban users who have posted it. However, despite Kevin’s claims that the censorship is over, I have a very good hunch that he is lying. First of all some background information. Back in March,... (more...)