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Archive for June, 2007

Free WordPress Theme: Mellow Blue. Blue/White/Green

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 7 - 2007

This is one of my last themes – Mellow Blue. It’s a simple two column theme with hints of green. The main post area is white, and the rest of it is blue. This theme is widget ready and coded for the latest WordPress. To view a demo or download the theme, see the WordPress theme website. This theme has three sponsors: MySpace Codes, IntelligentObject Directory, and Ventrilo. As usual, sponsor links aren’t required, but it’s always nice to keep them on there. Enjoy this... (more...)

Free WordPress Theme: Midnight Red. Red/Blue/White

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 7 - 2007

This theme is called Midnight Red, and is my 6th WordPress theme release. It’s an extremely simple design consisting of two columns on the home page. When you a view a post it switches to single column; exactly what the default WordPress theme does. The post area is a light blue, and there are touches of red and white around borders. The header is text based so it’s very easy to change the header. As usual the header can be replaced with an image with basic modifications. This theme... (more...)

Free WordPress Theme: Sand Burn. Tan/White.

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 6 - 2007

Here’s a simple and clean WordPress theme called Sand Burn. It’s a brown/tan theme that has rounded corners which a left column and a right main post area. The fonts are extremely easy to read and all the colors are easy on your eyes. The header is text so it can be changed easily. A header image can be integrated easily with little modifications. This theme comes with no PSD because the last theme I released with a PSD was stolen and re-released. This theme is widget ready and... (more...)