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Archive for February, 2008

Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 17 - 2008

Since the beginning, the Xbox 360 has been an extremely unreliable. Some reports indicate that up to 16.4% of them fail, while its competitors the PS3, and Wii are at 3%. Up to 60% of these failures were caused by the red ring of death. Team Xecuter has now come up with a repair kit which will fix the red ring of death. So far it’s been tested and is still working on 18 consoles, both new and old. The fix isn’t the best solution as it requires you to open up your Xbox console to install... (more...)

Comcast Admits Bandwidth Throttling Under FCC Pressure

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 14 - 2008

For months now Comcast has been under scrutiny on how they ran their network and treat their customers. From their P2P throttling, to the invisible bandwidth cut off mark, there have been thousands of dissatisfied customers. Comcast, now under pressure from the FCC is being a little more open about how their network works. They’ve also changed their terms of service to reflect their “new” policy. Standard torrent traffic is upload and download, meaning a user both uploads and... (more...)

Who’s Not Using OpenDNS Yet?

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 13 - 2008

OpenDNS was founded in 2006 and ever since then I’ve been addicted to it. Each time I’m diagnosing network issues I manually add the magic numbers for DNS. The simple four octave numbers are and; forever embedded in to my memory. So why do I use it you ask it? For a variety of reasons. Mainly for speed, but there are others… Faster internet speed I use Comcast as my ISP. While they do have decent bandwidth, their DNS queries are slow and unreliable.... (more...)

Erase Your Search History

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 13 - 2008

In a world where the government can at any time subpoena search engine data it’s growing more important for companies to think of new ways to protect their users., which has a history of innovation has a neat function called AskEraser. Since the most widely used search engine is currently Google, it’s important for smaller search engines to offer such extra features. Ask has always been keeping us excited with features such as their thumbnail picture view and unique search... (more...)

Free Online PDF Viewer

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 13 - 2008

It’s the only PDF file you’ll ever need to open, so why download Adobe’s PDF viewer? That’s the motto the folks at samurajdata had when creating their online PDF reader. It’s as simple as it gets. Either enter in the web address of the PDF, or upload it to their servers from your computer. Their software will then present your document in a viewable form in your web browser. There are only a few options you have to manipulate the PDF, and those include zoom, tilt,... (more...)