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Archive for February, 2010

iPhone Scale

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 23 - 2010

Update, bought the iPhone Scale, or iScale as some might call it! It’s good if you’re not going to be measuring anything past 10ths of grams, and if it’s anything extremely important I wouldn’t trust it on 10ths of grams either. It’s perfect for herbs, spices, and food items though that are weighed in grams, ounces, and pounds. The fake look a like box it comes in is fantastic. It has a plastic mold to hold the iphone scale and instructions to put on top of it when... (more...)

Highlight links to open with Multi Link

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 17 - 2010

Mass visiting multiple links on a certain web page is something I do often. When browsing websites like Reddit I often middle click the links ahead of time so that they open in a new tab which can be reviewed later. With this extension you can open, download, or even copy the URLs to the clipboard. To use this simple extension, simply highlight every URL you want to open on the page. Next Multi Links will execute the action you have chosen in the settings area. I just checked open in new tab,... (more...)

Opera 10.5 looks like chrome, performs faster

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 12 - 2010

I recently switched to Google Chrome and had just enough time to use it to download the beta copy of Opera 10.5. The Opera development team did a fantastic job with the user interface of the new build, but that’s just half of the good news. It’s also now faster than Google Chrome making it the fastest browser in the world. The new interface of Opera looks and feels like Google Chrome, which to me is excellent. There are no more bulky tool bars, no bar on the bottom, simply two bars.... (more...)

Finally made the switch to Google Chrome

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 10 - 2010

Back when Google Chrome first came out I was amazed at how fast it parsed Javascript but deterred from using it due to lack of mainly extensions. I’ve now decided to take the plunge for a few different reasons. My favorite two plugins Adblock plus, and Autopager. Autopager is an extension that we first saw on Firfox that automatically starts loading the second page of websites containing multiple page. It inserts it right below the first page, saving you time and effort when scrolling through... (more...)

Apple’s new iPad isn’t for techies so stop complaining

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 9 - 2010

From reddit to blogs to reputable news websites everyone has been predicting the failure of Apple’s iPad. I’ve even read ridiculous things such as the iPad is a step towards all personal computers being locked down in the future. I think these people are vastly missing the point of who the iPad market is intended for. Many people only use their web browser on their computer and don’t have a need to learn anything more. They don’t want to deal with spyware, they don’t... (more...)