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Archive for April, 2013

Windows 8

Microsoft has a long history of blowing every other release of their Windows operating system. With Windows 7 being hugely successful, it didn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone that Windows 8 had many complaints surrounding it. Among the most common complaints were the removal of the start bar, and booting to a metro style desktop. There have been rumors circulating the internet about a few major changes that will take place in Windows 8.1, the addition of a start bar and booting directly... (more...)

IM Creator blows other website builders out of the water

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 22 - 2013
Website builder

Typically website builders are pretty limited in what they can do. They don’t have too many themes, and pretty much all look the same. IM Creator changes the game, allowing you to choose from hundreds of templates, or even start from scratch. Their service doesn’t stop at creating the website either, it will help you promote it and track visitors as well. IM Creator allows you to create a website easily with their flexible drag and drop system. You can pick from hundreds of different... (more...)

Blogger, WordPress, and Weebly changed the way we use the internet

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 22 - 2013
Web Design

Before the days of WordPress and other free blogging platforms, if you wanted a website you’d have to use a cookie cutter website designer, or do it yourself. Now with WordPress being so easy to setup, just about anyone can have a website these days. Whether you want a forum, eCommerce, or just a plain old blog, WordPress is a highly flexible CMS that can do it all. Many people think WordPress is just a blogging platform. Over my 9 years of tinkering with websites, I’ve found it to... (more...)

HD media streaming with Roku and more

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 22 - 2013
HD media streaming

The popular craze right now in the TV world is smart TVs. Games, web browsers, and apps aren’t really what you think of when picking out a TV. However, many of the newer models have features that allow you to stream music from Pandora, or watch movies from Netflix. If you don’t have those features on your current TV, it’s not too late. You can purchase an HD media player that will turn your TV from ordinary to extraordinary. There are many products on the market that allow you... (more...)

Top three online backup services

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 20 - 2013
Online backups

With all the different online backup services, which ones are the best for you? Large companies like Microsoft and Google offer some competitively priced services, but are less known companies the better option. Let’s explore some things like reliability, cost, and storage space to find the best online backup service. SkyDrive by Microsoft is one of my favorite online backups. Aside from allowing you over 7 GB of space for free, they also offer the convenience of having a built in application... (more...)

Advanced reverse phone search database to identify callers

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 13 - 2013
Cell phone lookup

Many consumers in the United States are weaning away from land line phone services. Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days, so why the need for two phone bills? It used to be pretty easy to look up someone’s personal information with their land line phone number, but now with the increasing use of cell phones across the country, reverse lookups aren’t so easy anymore. Widgetbox is able to provide the names and addresses of cell phone numbers across the United States. There are... (more...)