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Archive for June, 2013

Paper Shredder

The paperless office can be a notion that has captured the imagination of many experts whose desks are covered in clutter. Some years in the past, the concept of the paperless office was popularized as a great in need of attaining. The idea is among the newer, significantly less understood methods of significantly growing office efficiency and decreasing expenses. Generally, the phrase “paperless office” describes the approach of transferring data from paper to laptop. At times the paperless... (more...)

Open source website builder for ecommerce

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 27 - 2013

There are many open source CMS options when it comes to building your own website.  However, few of them have the ability to build large flexible ecommerce websites while also incorporating many of the basic rules of search engine optimization.  SEO Toaster has all of the above and more, especially the flexibility part.  You can add or remove over a dozen plugins, and customize just about every aspect of your website. There are tons of auto builders on the web, but how many of them offer an ecommerce... (more...)

Steal the Pixels tries to reinvent the wheel

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 27 - 2013

Alex Tew made pixel advertising famous with his hugely popular Million Dollar Homepage.  Since then there have been many imitators including Tew himself.  His subsequent project, Pixel Lotto failed along with possibly hundreds of other clones seeking to cash in on his successful ideas.  However, among these clones comes Steal the Pixels with one cool addition – stealing advertising blocks from other publishers. In case you’re not familiar with pixel advertising, the premise is simple.  You... (more...)

Apple News: iOS 7 & A New TV Experience?

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 27 - 2013

Apple has been dominating the news as of late. With their big iOS 7 reveal on June 10 and Tim Cook’s May 28 appearance at the All Things D conference, they’ve been staying busy. During the past decade, the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital conference (also known as All Things D) has been incredibly influential in the world of technology. The annual conference brings together the top authorities in the industry, with past speakers including LinkedIn chairman Reid Hoffman,... (more...)

Microsoft eases DRM on Xbox One

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 23 - 2013
Xbox One

Perhaps trying to avoid another Windows 8 like debacle, Microsoft has now reversed its position on the DRM of Xbox One.  Responding to huge amounts of criticism, Microsoft responded by eliminating the need to ping Xbox servers every 24 hours, removed regional restrictions, and allowed used games such as Call of Duty to be traded or sold.  Perhaps realizing their potential to lose the console war if they didn’t listen to their fan base, they’ve now added at least one reason to purchase an Xbox... (more...)

Advantages of virtual private servers

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 21 - 2013

If you’re looking to sign up for web hosting, a virtual private server or VPS is a great way to save money while still having the customization that dedicated servers have to offer.  VPS hosting is great for medium sized websites who don’t have enough revenue to purchase their own server, but are big enough to require the need for full control over one. A VPS allows you to choose which operating system you use, and what programs you have installed on it.  You have full root access and can do... (more...)