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Archive for July, 2013

Your New Google Reader: 6 Underpraised RSS Readers

Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 31 - 2013

According to BuiltWith trends, more than 199,000 Web sites support RSS. If you followed all of them, you could spend all day reading and never catch up. Of course, most people use RSS feeds to get news and updates in specific areas, like business, or to catch up on web comics and periodically updated blogs. Google Reader was by far the most popular reader, but users are forced to look for alternatives. Image of RSS feed subscription button by juliomarcoss via Flickr Chatterbox BlackBerry has great... (more...)

Online Backup Security: 4 Answers You Need From Cloud Providers

Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 24 - 2013

Online backup in the cloud is an excellent tool and data loss-prevention solution. In the cloud, businesses can safely manage and store files and information; it’s readily accessible whenever and wherever you need it. If you’ve been watching the cloud-based online backup trend for data management, here are some questions you should ask before you choose a provider. Where is My Stuff? Your stuff is “in the cloud” — but what does that mean? Before you select a provider, do... (more...)

Why Mario and Luigi Still Rock in 2013

Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 2 - 2013

Mario first appeared in 1981 as a character in the popular Nintendo Donkey Kong game. Over 30 years later, he’s still going strong and Mario Fever is set to start all over again with the release of Mario and Luigi’s Dream Team in August 2013. Mario and his sidekick Luigi have appeared in countless games over the past three decades and feature in some of the best-selling games of all time. Here are some of their finest. Super Mario Super Mario first hit gaming screens in 1985 and has been... (more...)