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Archive for August, 2013

Weird Security Gadgets for your PC

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 27 - 2013

For almost half a decade, computer users have trusted alphabetic passwords to secure their data. This time-honored tradition however, is becoming obsolete as stories of successful attacks by spyware and malware like Mobistealth are becoming widespread in the tech world. With the same frequency, new gadgets are being introduced in the tech market, offering different means to protect confidential data in your system. Some of these gadgets are actually useful while others might not be of much help to... (more...)

A Look at North and South Korea & the Future of Cyberterrorism

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 15 - 2013
Cyber War

If you grew up in the ’80s and ’90s watching movies like “War Games,” “Hackers” and “The Matrix,” then you remember pop culture’s infatuation with then-new computer technology and how it might be put to use in a global conflict. We still see echoes of this in more recent movies, like “Live Free or Die Hard” with its cyberterrorist villains, but by and large, film and television have outgrown this subject. We’re seeing fewer rogue... (more...)

Sourcing obscure electronic parts online

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 15 - 2013
Electronic Parts

Electronic components, while usually fairly durable, do fail on occasion. Sometimes the part is something as simple as a resistor or a switch, so replacing these parts is actually fairly inexpensive. The hard part is actually the electronic parts sourcing and obtaining new parts from companies that might not even exist anymore. Rather than replace the entire component, you can simply search a part number database that has even the most obscure of electronic parts. The best part? You can get whatever... (more...)

Tips To Find A Credible Online Portal From NSN Parts

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 12 - 2013
NSN Parts

Tips To Find A Credible Online Portal From NSN Parts NSN is the acronym for National Stock Number which is a thirteen digit code referring to all standardized material supplies which are recognized by every NATO nation, including US Defense Department. Are you looking for a reliable online portal for NSN parts? It could be NSN fasteners or valves or washers or nuts. Now, there are a great lot of NSN parts suppliers in the present market but not all can guarantee the desired level of quality with... (more...)