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Archive for September, 2013

How long will SSL certificates be safe for?

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 26 - 2013

These days if you want any privacy on the internet, encryption is quickly becoming your last means of doing so. With big governments setting up elaborate means to capture and analyze your data, using encryption methods like SSL is starting to become the only way to protect yourself online. However, how long is SSL going to be safe for? Both the FBI and NSA have on numerous times requested encryption keys from many large companies, apparently without success. However, with all the revelations lately... (more...)

Google Drive offering extra 10 gigs to link your QuickOffice account

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 23 - 2013
Google Drive

I’ve made numerous posts analyzing different online backup providers for things like reliability, compatibility with smart phones, and storage space offered. Google Drive has always been at the top of my list for a variety of different reasons, however, today it’s very clear that they are number one in the industry. They’re combining the power of their recent purchase QuickOffice with their Drive service to beat all of the competitors in the industry. To make things even better,... (more...)

Picking the right web host for high traffic websites

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 15 - 2013
Web host

Finding the right web host for high traffic websites can be tricky. Obviously if you’re getting tens of thousands of hits per day, a dedicated server will be needed. However, if you’re a medium traffic web master, there are cheaper options available that will save you a ton of money in the long run, while still allowing large traffic spikes. Using a caching system is a great way to save CPU cycles, while still allowing heavy amounts of traffic on shared accounts as well as VPS users. If... (more...)

Using Technology in the Classroom for Second Languages

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 9 - 2013
Classroom Technology

Technology in the classroom has taken many forms over the years, and 68 percent of students say their teachers are using technology effectively in class. Computers are present in nearly every classroom, and more teachers are getting equipped with interactive blackboards instead of dealing with dry erase fumes or chalk dust. One particular application of classroom technology that’s useful at all levels of schooling is using technology for second language learning. Immersion Without the Expense There... (more...)