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Archive for November, 2013

What company to choose for domain registration

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 28 - 2013

URL registration is the first and most important step in getting the right brand for your marketing campaign online. Registering your URL with the right URL aggregation company ensures that no other person will be able to use your same URL to point to another website. This is very important so that potential customers do not get confused as to the brand that is being represented by a particular URL. The right URL aggregation company will also provide many other services that will help with the online... (more...)

Is purchasing mobile phone insurance really worth it?

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 28 - 2013
Cracked Screen

Many people are always asking if purchasing mobile insurance is worth it in the long run. The short answer is probably not, why would a carrier offer a service that of which is not financially beneficial to them in the long run. The short answer is possibly, it depends on how you use your phone, your contract length, and what type of phone you have. All things considered, there are definitely some times where you should purchase phone insurance, and some times when you should not. To insure or not... (more...)

Everything You Need To Know About E-Signatures

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 24 - 2013
Fiber Optic

Traditionally all contracts have been signed over a piece of paper. However since June 2000, the United States government has made it legal for contracts to be signed electronically as well. Called the ESIGN act, the law is aimed at making the process of signing agreements quick and easy for businesses. How Does It Work Unlike traditional signatures, electronic signatures do not necessarily require every person to have a unique stylized script to identify themselves in a contract form. Instead, electronic... (more...)

Page load time is an important factor of SEO

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 20 - 2013
Google Many SEOs are only focused on things like obtaining quality backlinks, social profiles, and specific on site optimizations. However, even things that seem relatively minor such as page load time are now carefully considered in Google's search algorithm. There are quite a few things you can do to decrease the time it takes to load your web page, and there are some excellent and free tools that allow you to monitor, in detail, the specific time it takes for each request on your web page to load. So next time you are thinking about spending money on banner advertising or other paid link methods, maybe you should consider investing some money on lowering page load times.

Car alarm that can monitor your car’s activity from a smart phone

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 19 - 2013
Smart phones

Car alarms of the last decade typically only sounded if someone tried to enter your vehicle. However, nowadays you can have full control of the security of your car right from your smart phone. Whether you live in a bad neighborhood, or want to monitor your kid’s usage on your own car, buying a smart start system gives you full control of your car. ScyTek Galaxy Mobile is a remote starting system for your car that does so much more than defend your car against would be thieves. It actually... (more...)

4 Android apps to bring out your inner cop

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 17 - 2013

Have you always wanted to be a police officer? With the right Android applications, you can now come one step closer to doing just that. Ranging from apps that allow you to scan police radio stations, decode police codes and terms, and look up criminal statutes, you can now play cop or become a super neighborhood watchmen. Police Radio Scanner Scanner Radio is a free app that allows you to listen to police radio feeds. Now it doesn’t work like a traditional scanner which allows you to pick... (more...)