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Archive for February, 2014

Top 3 coolest 3d printing projects

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 22 - 2014
3d Object (Gears)

Day by day, 3d printing technology is becoming more and more available to consumers. Sure a lower end printer still costs a thousand dollars or so, but that price is consistently falling. Of course that’s only for a smaller one, with large ones costing tens of thousands or more. However, size isn’t everything – you can do some pretty amazing things with any size 3d printer, professional and consumer grade alike. Here’s a list of the top 3 coolest projects I’ve come across so far. Pokemon... (more...)

Protecting your company’s most sensative data

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 18 - 2014

Almost all business computer networks contain sensitive information to varying degrees.  With attackers constantly adjusting their methods, protecting computer networks is a very fluid business.  While IT consulting firms do a relatively good job at protecting your company’s data, you may want to contract a business who specializes in data security. In the last couple of months news has been breaking of Target’s data breach that leaked millions of customer credit cards.  It took a month to... (more...)

3 things to look at when picking a web host

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 18 - 2014
Web Design

Having the right web hosting provider is crucial to your success online. It can spell the difference between retaining a customer or losing one. For example, if your site is slow to load or down, your customer might look for another site, most likely a competitor. Therefore reliability is a must. iPage is a top choice when it comes to reliability. A minimum uptime rate is 99.5% otherwise you’re in trouble.  Another thing to consider is the cost. Shared hosting platforms are best for bloggers... (more...)

Almost DSLR: The must have iPhone app for amateur photographers

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 13 - 2014

Smart phones have slowly been replacing expensive cameras for the majority of casual photographers. Packing a separate device to take pictures is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Professional photographers will continue to use expensive cameras with DSLR lenses, however, for the vast majority of people, a simple smart phone will do. However, even for the casual smart phone user, there are applications to improve both the experience and quality of your shots. Sure, you can purchase an expensive... (more...)

Are The Days of The ‘Gaming Rig’ Nearly Over?

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 10 - 2014

In the past there was a fairly big divide between gamers who played their favorite games on consoles and those who preferred to play on a PC. In fact, many PC gamers would sneer at console players on their PS1 or XBox consoles as they played on high end machines, often worth thousands. Serious PC gaming often meant a huge investment in a computer that could handle the processing and graphics demands of the top game titles and give the best gaming experience. However, as the online and multimedia... (more...)

What is this mysterious “Dark Fibre”

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 9 - 2014
Fiber Optics

These days, Internet access is less of a miracle and more something that we take for granted. Since the death of dial-up, little thought is given to how web access arrives at its destination, as long as it arrives quickly and with no interruptions. Fibre-optics are the state-of-the-technoloy as far as Internet access and speed capabilities are concerned. This is a little primer concerning what fibre-optics systems are and how they bring the Internet to your home or place of business. To begin with,... (more...)