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Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 19 - 2007

CyberKnowledge started as hobby in 2004 that wasn’t meant to attract any visitors. Since then it has evolved in to a high traffic blog that’s getting more and more popular each day. I upgraded web hosting and started getting serious about blogging in July of 2006, which is when the blog’s traffic started to increase. Since then it’s one of my favorite websites and one of the few I would never consider selling. I’m a university student – currently going for my BA in network communications. So far I’m a year in to the program and am loving every minute of it.

Backtrack 2 Laptops

Muddy Truck

Cart of Wiis

Wep Key Found

MSN/Gtalk: Th3rub3x [at thing]
Yahoo: ThaRub3X
IRC: Freenode @ #WordPress + #Lighttpd

Seriously did I miss any protocols?