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All about Gmail’s space counter

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 3 - 2012

One of the top searches to this blog is questions people have about Gmail’s space counter. I wrongly assumed since it’s been around so long most people understood why they have it and how it can keep on counting.

How can Gmail’s space counter keep counting?

Well that’s easy the Gmail counter goes up by extremely small increments at a time. In fact, it only goes up about eight millionths of a megabyte per second. To put this in perspective, say an average email is about 250 words or about 2 kilobytes (0.00195megabytes). That means Gmail is only giving you the extra space to store approximately one email per second.

How can Gmail have so much space?

Partly because they rely on the fact that 99% of users won’t even come close to using up all that space. Emails like stated above average around 2 kilobytes. At over 7 gigs of total storage, a user would have to have almost 4 million emails to reach their maximum allocated space.

But people can send things other than email! This is true, you can send pictures and other media files. However, at an average of 1mb per picture, your Gmail account will hold over 7,000 images before it’s even close to full.

Since Google does not allow you to store executable files you can’t store files such as games or other applications. This greatly reduces the amount of space the average user will use.

Is Gmail’s counter fake?

Of course not, like I said earlier, the amount of space given per day is hardly anything. They rely on the fact that most users will not fill their inbox up, or even come close.

Why does Gmail keep giving more space?

Why not? Many years ago Gmail allowed more space than any other email provider on the market. Allowed space has always been a marketing ploy to get users to Gmail and continues till this day. It’s basically a marketing gimmick that’s left over from years ago.

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