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Anyoption allows trading right from your Android or iPhone

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 10 - 2013

Trading stocks and currency has never been easier in the age of the internet. Trades can now be done at low costs without brokers online. However, Anyoption has taken that one step further and given you the ability to trade stocks and commodities on your iPhone or Android. That’s right, a mobile app that lets you trade binary options.

Binary trading is a quick way to earn money trading stocks. Many people see it as risky and impulsive, but it does have some advantages. Rather than wait your investment out over months or years, binary options allow you to make hundreds or thousands of dollars in minutes to hours. You’re basically betting on the next five minutes of a stock’s future. Say you place a $100 bet that the stock’s overall value will decrease in the next five minutes. If the stock decreases, you win $75. If the stock increases, you only get $15 of the original $100 back. As you can see: big risks, big rewards.

With the Anyoption mobile app, you can put down money on any stock from your mobile phone. Maybe you just learned some new information about a company and are sure the stock will go up or down in the next hour or so. If you’re not by a computer, fire up your iPhone or Android application and put down some money.

Anyoption is a leader in the emerging trend called binary trading. They’re also the first company to pioneer this new form of trading on smart phones. This allows real time trading on the go for the majority of smart phone users. As of now there is no Blackberry application.

The application is free through Google Play or Apple’s iTunes store. Each trade is also free, they take no commission on trades. You can also get free quotes using your smart phone as well. In fact, the mobile application allows you to do just about everything that you could do from your desktop or laptop computer.

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