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The 5 best VPNs for Google Chrome

Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 10 - 2015
Data Security using VPNs

There are many reasons users look for VPNs, whether it be country-censorship when traveling or just privacy. With the expanding market of OS based virtual private networks you can now find an even better source of protection for every user. Today we will be going through VPN extensions for Google Chrome and talking about the usefulness they deliver. ZenMate Have you ever heard of this program? I’d be surprised if you haven’t. ZenMate has grown to become a colossal giant in the extension genre.... (more...)

Chrome and Firefox: Set your homepage to open with new tab

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 24 - 2012
Chrome vs Firefox vs IE vs Opera

Many new users to Firefox and Chrome have trouble adapting to the fact that a new tab doesn’t open the home page. When opening the home page in Firefox and Chrome you’re greeted with a blank tab. For most people this is fine because Google is their home page and simply typing in the address bar is the same as doing a Google search. However, people that don’t fully understand technology still like their homepage opening with new tabs. After finally giving in to my father’s... (more...)

The best web browser of 2012

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 7 - 2012
Firefox vs Chrome vs Internet Explorer

Internet explorer has come a long way since version 6. According a post at NewRelic it’s actually the fastest browser for Windows. However, while it has improved, I don’t think they can claim the title of the fastest Windows browser just yet and here’s why. The first problem I see with this study is they tested only the rendering of a web page’s HTML. This to me is only half of a browser’s speed. Along with the browsers HTML rendering speed, you need to take into... (more...)

Stopping tear away tabs in Firefox

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 6 - 2012

Since 2010 I’ve been using Chrome instead of Firefox – and apparently for good reason. Upon downloading Firefox to test some web design, I was annoyed with one of their newer features. When you click a tab and drag it slightly it opens a new window. This would be a nice feature except it happens all the time on accident. Apparently the feature is called tear away tabs and it allows you to tear a tab to a new Window. I found it inconvenient when dragging tabs to sort their order as well... (more...)

Opera 10.5 looks like chrome, performs faster

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 12 - 2010

I recently switched to Google Chrome and had just enough time to use it to download the beta copy of Opera 10.5. The Opera development team did a fantastic job with the user interface of the new build, but that’s just half of the good news. It’s also now faster than Google Chrome making it the fastest browser in the world. The new interface of Opera looks and feels like Google Chrome, which to me is excellent. There are no more bulky tool bars, no bar on the bottom, simply two bars.... (more...)

Finally made the switch to Google Chrome

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 10 - 2010

Back when Google Chrome first came out I was amazed at how fast it parsed Javascript but deterred from using it due to lack of mainly extensions. I’ve now decided to take the plunge for a few different reasons. My favorite two plugins Adblock plus, and Autopager. Autopager is an extension that we first saw on Firfox that automatically starts loading the second page of websites containing multiple page. It inserts it right below the first page, saving you time and effort when scrolling through... (more...)