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Chrome and Firefox: Set your homepage to open with new tab

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 24 - 2012
Chrome vs Firefox vs IE vs Opera

Many new users to Firefox and Chrome have trouble adapting to the fact that a new tab doesn’t open the home page. When opening the home page in Firefox and Chrome you’re greeted with a blank tab. For most people this is fine because Google is their home page and simply typing in the address bar is the same as doing a Google search. However, people that don’t fully understand technology still like their homepage opening with new tabs. After finally giving in to my father’s... (more...)

Stopping tear away tabs in Firefox

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 6 - 2012

Since 2010 I’ve been using Chrome instead of Firefox – and apparently for good reason. Upon downloading Firefox to test some web design, I was annoyed with one of their newer features. When you click a tab and drag it slightly it opens a new window. This would be a nice feature except it happens all the time on accident. Apparently the feature is called tear away tabs and it allows you to tear a tab to a new Window. I found it inconvenient when dragging tabs to sort their order as well... (more...)

Firefox Extension: Tab Preview

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 8 - 2007

Tab Scope is a Firefox extension that allows you to preview a tab by simply mousing over the tab. Along with the preview it also acts as a fully functional browser inside of the preview window. You can navigate to new parts of the website, zoom in, scroll, and it also has full support for forward and back. Options for this extension are minimal as there isn’t much needed to configure. If wanted you can chose how big the display window is when zoomed in, and when it’s zoomed out. ... (more...)

Firefox Extension: Compress Your Toolbars

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 26 - 2007

Since web browsers are a daily part of our life, getting the most out of them is very important. The more tool bars you own, the less of a website’s content you actually see. That’s where Tiny Menu comes in. It allows you to compress the bar that contains File, Edit, View, etc in to one small button or image. If done correctly you can get rid of the whole tool bar all together. The steps to do this are simple. First and foremost, install the extension. After that, right click the... (more...)

Firefox Extension: Get Up-to-date Adsense Earnings

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 11 - 2007

Are you an Adsense junkie, checking your earnings multiple times a day? If so, Adsense Notifier is the perfect solution. It gives you up to date reports of your earnings on the bottom of your browser. It tells you everything you’d want to know, including impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPM, and earnings for the day. You can set it to display for week, month, day, last five business days, and more. The plugin is highly customizable, and you can control most aspects. You can set it to update... (more...)

Firefox Extension: Download Flash Files In The Sidebar

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 6 - 2007

Sometimes I come across flash games that are fun and addicting. Currently with Firefox there is no easy way to download the game. Picking through the source code of the website isn’t an easy task, if the swf is hidden well. SWF catcher is a perfect solution to downloading flash files. It lists all of them in a side bar, and gives you a right click menu. One of the options on the menu is to it to your hard drive. To open the side bar, click “View > Sidebar > Sothink SWF Catcher.”... (more...)