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Dolphin’s Stadium Website Hacked; Trojan Embedded

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 3 - 2007

Just before Super Bowl weekend, when the Dolphin’s Stadium website was most likely receiving the highest amount of traffic all year, it gets hacked. Not only was it hacked, but it had a trojan embedded in to the code. If you’re running an up to date version of Windows or a non Internet Explorer browser, you should be fine. The exploits in question are MS06-014 (from April of 2006), and MS07-004 (from January 2007). Both of the exploits are dubbed critical by Microsoft. To earn critical... (more...)

Stand alone IE7 Executables 3-7

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 1 - 2006

Making a website work on multiple browsers can be a difficult task. Microsoft makes it even harder with all the versions of their browser rendering differently. IE7 and IE6 render almost completely differently. With Microsoft pushing IE7 as a security fix, it makes testing your site in IE6 a hard task. Their only offer is to run XP Sp2 with IE6 in a virtual environment such as VMware. They are however offering a fully activated version of XP for their Virutal PC software. There must be a better... (more...)

Spoof User Agent With IE7 and Vista

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 4 - 2006

I’ve been using Windows Vista for a few months now, and have run into very little issues with it. The first issue I had was a website for seemingly no reason denying IE7 and Windows Vista users. (They denied Firefox users because the site needed ActiveX to run.) This course is not compatible with Windows NT. Please use a supported Windows Operating System. We recommend you use Windows XP. So I found myself searching for ways to spoof your user agent with IE7, so I could access this website.... (more...)