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Opera 10.5 looks like chrome, performs faster

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 12 - 2010

I recently switched to Google Chrome and had just enough time to use it to download the beta copy of Opera 10.5. The Opera development team did a fantastic job with the user interface of the new build, but that’s just half of the good news. It’s also now faster than Google Chrome making it the fastest browser in the world. The new interface of Opera looks and feels like Google Chrome, which to me is excellent. There are no more bulky tool bars, no bar on the bottom, simply two bars.... (more...)

Automatic Optimization Of WordPress For Game Consoles

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 15 - 2007

With the latest consoles all having web browsers, optimizing your website for them might soon be an everyday thing. If you use WordPress however, you’re in luck. There is a neat little plugin to do it for you. When enabled it will auto detect if the visitor is on a PSP, Wii, DS, etc. It will then use the appropriate font size that the console or hand held device works with best, and optimize the screen width for it as well. Once enabled all the posts are resized, and corrected for the... (more...)

Opera 9.10 Final Released

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 17 - 2006

The little known browser in the browser war Opera is soon releasing 9.10 of their browser. The build is compiled and ready to go, just sitting in their server’s FTP bin. While their front page hasn’t been updated with the new build just yet, it will be by Christmas. There is nothing major in this release, it only fixes minor bugs. Flash is now supported on UNIX, and there have been fixes for some languages. Among other things, their fraud protection is off by default. From their... (more...)

Opera Is Easily The Best Browser Available

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 25 - 2006

Everyone these days seems to be raving about Firefox, and how it should be used over Internet Explorer. I totally agree with these people, however Firefox isn’t anywhere near the best browser out there. Opera outperforms Firefox in basically all tests. The goal of this article, isn’t to get you to switch. I simply wanted to write a quick article giving facts on why Firefox isn’t the best. If you want a detailed report, stop reading. This is just a few quick facts. Which browser... (more...)