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Just how immersive will VR actually be?

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 12 - 2016

Virtual reality is almost set to become a reality, and everyone is wondering if it is going to live up to expectations. The potential is endless, but will the graphics start off looking reminiscent of something from Nintendo Wii, or will gamers actually be entering fully immersive worlds with rich landscapes, as seen in current console games such as Fallout 4? Is VR going to serve as a brief escape from reality, or are people going to create new virtual lives for themselves? One would hope that the... (more...)

Easily transfer files to your new PC

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 4 - 2014
Fiber Optic

For novice PC users, transferring your applications and files to a new computer wasn’t always the easiest task. Windows has made a few attempts over the years to assist in the process, but none of them have been perfect. Certain transfer tools work on one windows version, while not working on others, while still some may not transfer all your applications over smoothly. EaseUS PCTrans has put an end to that by coming out with a simple and easy to use tility that can transfer all your files quickly... (more...)

The battle of the waterproof smartphones

Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 16 - 2014
Android police

Accidentally dropping your smartphone into a sink of water or a swimming pool usually means that all hope is lost. Unless you can dry it out or pay a hefty fee to get it replaced through your insurance, you should just start thinking about getting a new device. But times have changed. Today, consumers have other choices. They could take the chance of dropping their phone into a basin of water and losing it for good, or they jump on the bandwagon and purchase one of the new and trendy waterproof smartphones. About... (more...)

Using cloud based hosting to survive traffic spikes

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 31 - 2014
Cloud Hosting

Every webmaster dreams of making it to the front page of websites like Reddit and Slashdot.  However, your dreams can simultaneously turn into a nightmare when you realize just how resource demanding that amount of traffic can be.  Hundreds of thousands or even millions of users can be pushed to your tiny website in under 24 hours, so how can you prepare your server?  Well, hosting it in “the cloud” is the cheapest, most effective method. I’ve experienced huge traffic spikes, both on shared... (more...)

Spice up your Powerpoint projects with this online tool

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 7 - 2014
PDF File

With so much technology out in the world these days, presentation has seemingly fallen by the wayside in lieu of great content. The latest bells and whistles become all of the rage at the sales presentation and ad campaign pitch session just as much as they seem to have overtaken the board room and the classroom. Yet, all presentations are not created nor designed alike. Some presentations just seem to lack enough to stand out from the crowd. They do not capture the audience’s attention and... (more...)

Your New Google Reader: 6 Underpraised RSS Readers

Posted by Alex Bailey On July - 31 - 2013

According to BuiltWith trends, more than 199,000 Web sites support RSS. If you followed all of them, you could spend all day reading and never catch up. Of course, most people use RSS feeds to get news and updates in specific areas, like business, or to catch up on web comics and periodically updated blogs. Google Reader was by far the most popular reader, but users are forced to look for alternatives. Image of RSS feed subscription button by juliomarcoss via Flickr Chatterbox BlackBerry has great... (more...)