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Knowing When to Upgrade Your Gadgets

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 3 - 2016

Modern technology is pretty amazing, but I think we can all agree that it comes at a price. One of the downsides of today’s latest gadgets is that they seem to be relevant for only a year or two before it’s time for an upgrade. Whether you attribute that to the never-ending march of technological process, or planned obsolescence on behalf of greedy industrialists, one thing is certain: in a year or two, your smartphone will be yesterday’s news! Here’s some insight that can... (more...)

The Best Ways to Customize Your Tech

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 10 - 2016

Technology has become such a fixture in our lives that it’s easy to ignore it. Of course that might have something to do with the fact that the aesthetics of that tech is often mind-numbingly boring. Phone, laptop, e-reader, and tablet manufacturers put out a range of options every year designed to appeal to those whose preferences run toward black, silver, white, or gunmetal. The rest of us are left researching cases in the hope that we’ll find something that’s equally cool and... (more...)

What to Do After Upgrading Your Mobile Device

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 16 - 2015
Apple iPhone

These days upgrading electronics is something most people do automatically – on a yearly schedule, according to some statistics. Gadgets are so inexpensive that a new color option or screen size is all it takes to render a device virtually obsolete. And while affordable access to the latest and greatest tech is a good thing, the amount of e-waste generated as a result may be substantial. The United States is the world leader in when it comes to e-waste, but China is close behind and Europeans throw... (more...)

What’s the difference between unlocking and jailbreaking?

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 30 - 2014
iPhone jailbreak and unlocking

Many smart phone users want more control over their devices. When you currently buy a cell phone, you have no control over the operating system, and no control over which carrier you use. That’s why services offering to unlock and jailbreak your phones have been springing up all over the internet. However, there’s an important distinction between the two, and it’s important to know the difference. Both jailbreaking, and unlocking give you as the consumer more choice to do what you want with... (more...)

How the iPad Air 2 Can Replace Your Electronics

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 4 - 2014

Technology is constantly evolving and there are new devices being introduced to the market everyday. These devices allow us to read books, listen to music, video chat with friends, watch movies, make phone calls, and more. And while it is great to have all of this amazing technology at our fingertips, some people are finding that, well, they just don’t have enough fingertips to keep track of it all! It’s device overload in 2014. With a gadget for everything, it can be hard to keep track of all... (more...)

Using video conferencing for your sales process

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 27 - 2014
Webcam and businessmen

You cannot make money without sales and you cannot sell unless you’re able to get face to face with the people you’re trying to sell to. This is one of the main reasons why so many companies have started turning to video conferencing as a part of their sales process. The investment into this technology is pretty low, so the ability to realize an ROI is not a very long path. Even with this being the case, you tend to lose the human element whenever you’re using this technology for... (more...)