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How to find the best deal on an Xbox One

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 7 - 2016

A new Xbox One is going to set you back several hundred pounds; but, knowing where to shop, how and when to shop, and how to go about price comparison, is an easy way in which you can save a bit when buying one. Due to the fact that there are great promos, sales, package options, and of course online financing you can do with several catalogs, when you do take some time to compare and shop, it is highly likely you are going to find a better deal when you are finally ready to buy and invest in your... (more...)

Is Android Wear for Gaming?

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 4 - 2016
Android Gaming

There are now more than two million Android apps crammed into Google Play and, according to Statista, 41.2% of those apps are games. From free play simulators to paid for platforms, the Android market is literally buzzing with games of all shapes and sizes. With users now comfortable downloading everything from Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds and 32Red’s Game of Thrones by Microgaming to Oddrok Action’s Power Hover, the market is now looking towards wearable tech. Although we’re... (more...)

Gaming gets even more social

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 24 - 2015
Mobile gaming, angry birds

Last summer, Cyber-Knowledge writer Jennifer Thayer shared some insights on how the gaming experience is changing in this article. At the core of her post, she was getting at the fact that more and more people are playing games on their mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) than ever before. And in doing so, they’re creating a large population of “gamers” who may have never considered playing games beyond their childhood. But thanks to the simplicity of acquiring and playing... (more...)

A Peek Into the Nintendo Gaming Systems

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 15 - 2014

What is Nintendo? Nintendo is a Japanese multinational electronics company established in September, 1889. Firstly, the company used to make playing cards and then later they turned their business into providing cab services and operating love hotels by 1963. In 1970s, Nintendo transformed its business into making video games console and today standing as world’s largest gaming console company by revenue. Nintendo develops both home consoles and handheld consoles. Brief History In 1980s, the company... (more...)

Countdown till Fifa 15

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 9 - 2014

  With all of the hype surrounding this year’s world cup, I would expect this year’s release of Fifa 15 to be a hot selling game. With the introduction of emotional intensity into both the players and fans, this year’s Fifa has something new to offer compared to previous years. According to Electronic Arts, the emotion the players have adds a whole new layer of realism to this already awesome soccer game. The wait isn’t much longer either with an expected release date of September 23... (more...)

How the gaming experience has changed

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 12 - 2014
Gamer dog tag

If you’re a child of the 80s or 90s, then you are well aware of how much video games have changed over the last three decades. The industry has come quite a long way since those original 8-bit video games on the Nintendo Entertainment System – or simply NES, as an entire generation of kids referred to it. By the time that Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis hit the market, gaming had reached the next stage in its natural evolution, and 16-bit games made 8-bit games appear obsolete. And then,... (more...)