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Laptop Mod For The Wii

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 19 - 2007

A while ago Ben Heckendorn modded an Xbox360, and turned it in to a laptop. Ben is at it again, only this time around it is with a Wii. The features on this clever mod are as follows: 16:9 widescreen LCD, 7-inch diagonal. Stereo sound Gamecube controller port Built-in short range Sensor Bar Ports for using original Sensor Bar and A/V output jacks (for use on external display) Built-in power supply and compartment for power cord Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.7 x 2-inches While it’s not exactly practical,... (more...)

Automatic Optimization Of WordPress For Game Consoles

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 15 - 2007

With the latest consoles all having web browsers, optimizing your website for them might soon be an everyday thing. If you use WordPress however, you’re in luck. There is a neat little plugin to do it for you. When enabled it will auto detect if the visitor is on a PSP, Wii, DS, etc. It will then use the appropriate font size that the console or hand held device works with best, and optimize the screen width for it as well. Once enabled all the posts are resized, and corrected for the... (more...)

Wiimote Dock To Charge Batteries

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 19 - 2006

If you play the Wii a decent amount of hours a week, the batteries typically will list for 5-6 days. Batteries aren’t the cheapest things to buy, and there are alternatives. JoyTech is going to be selling a charging station that can fit up to two Wiimotes, and two nun-chucks. It appears to have a USB cord in the back in which you can plug into the back of the Wii, thus using the Wii as the power source. It will come with the needed rechargeable battery back. It will be available in 38... (more...)

Wired Internet On The Wii

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 13 - 2006

If you’re like me and are sticking with wired internet for a while, then you’ll love this USB adapter for the Wii. For $25.00 shipped you can by a USB 2.0 to Ethernet adapter. It’s not known whether any USB adapter will work, or just this specific model. Hopefully Nintendo releases better firmware with greater support for USB products. Keyboards would be a good addition to extend the Wii’s usefulness. If on the other hand you don’t want that bulky addition, with... (more...)

Zelda Twilight Princess Tips And Suggestions

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 3 - 2006

As cool as Zelda is, the beginning is rather challenging and boring. After about an hour of figuring things out you finally get to start stabbing monsters and meet Zelda. Since I don’t have a strategy guide, it took me longer to get to the fun part. One of “quests” in the beginning required you to fish for food for a cat, but before that you needed a rod. Before you could get the rod you needed to find a baby’s basket. In that same area you also needed to stop a bull,... (more...)

Wiimote Drivers For Windows

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 3 - 2006

The Wiimote now works on Windows”¦sort of. A person from Australia made drivers for it, without even having one to test with. The up down left and right keys are working so far, and are represented as the standard AWSD keys. While this may not be a huge deal, it will eventually work with the nunchuk as well. Playing emulated games will be awesome on your PC. To get this working you’ll need a blue tooth adapter, and his software. Even though he hasn’t tested his code, numerous... (more...)