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How to find the best deal on an Xbox One

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 7 - 2016

A new Xbox One is going to set you back several hundred pounds; but, knowing where to shop, how and when to shop, and how to go about price comparison, is an easy way in which you can save a bit when buying one. Due to the fact that there are great promos, sales, package options, and of course online financing you can do with several catalogs, when you do take some time to compare and shop, it is highly likely you are going to find a better deal when you are finally ready to buy and invest in your... (more...)

Countdown till Fifa 15

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 9 - 2014

  With all of the hype surrounding this year’s world cup, I would expect this year’s release of Fifa 15 to be a hot selling game. With the introduction of emotional intensity into both the players and fans, this year’s Fifa has something new to offer compared to previous years. According to Electronic Arts, the emotion the players have adds a whole new layer of realism to this already awesome soccer game. The wait isn’t much longer either with an expected release date of September 23... (more...)

Microsoft eases DRM on Xbox One

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 23 - 2013
Xbox One

Perhaps trying to avoid another Windows 8 like debacle, Microsoft has now reversed its position on the DRM of Xbox One.  Responding to huge amounts of criticism, Microsoft responded by eliminating the need to ping Xbox servers every 24 hours, removed regional restrictions, and allowed used games such as Call of Duty to be traded or sold.  Perhaps realizing their potential to lose the console war if they didn’t listen to their fan base, they’ve now added at least one reason to purchase an Xbox... (more...)

Mod your Xbox or PS3 controller

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 7 - 2013
Xbox controller mods

Modding in the Xbox community is getting more popular every day. Many people mod their systems to go along with the theme of their most commonly played game. You don’t however see many modded controllers. With Evil Controllers, now modding your Xbox or PS3 controller is made easier than ever. Evil Controllers allows you to change every visual aspect of your controller. You can customize the face plate, analogue sticks, triggers, and just about every other item on the controller. As you... (more...)

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 release date: November 13

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 28 - 2012
Black Ops 2 The new Call of Duty Black Ops 2 release date has been leaked by target. The ninth version in this game series will be released November 13 according Target gift cards. The official release announcement is scheduled for May 1st during NBA playoffs and you will be able to pre-order Black Ops 2 starting May 2nd. With almost a billion copies of MF3 sold in the first five days, Black Ops 2 is sure to be a hugely popular game for Xbox and PlayStation 3 owners alike.

Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 17 - 2008

Since the beginning, the Xbox 360 has been an extremely unreliable. Some reports indicate that up to 16.4% of them fail, while its competitors the PS3, and Wii are at 3%. Up to 60% of these failures were caused by the red ring of death. Team Xecuter has now come up with a repair kit which will fix the red ring of death. So far it’s been tested and is still working on 18 consoles, both new and old. The fix isn’t the best solution as it requires you to open up your Xbox console to install... (more...)