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Page load time is an important factor of SEO

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 20 - 2013
Google Many SEOs are only focused on things like obtaining quality backlinks, social profiles, and specific on site optimizations. However, even things that seem relatively minor such as page load time are now carefully considered in Google's search algorithm. There are quite a few things you can do to decrease the time it takes to load your web page, and there are some excellent and free tools that allow you to monitor, in detail, the specific time it takes for each request on your web page to load. So next time you are thinking about spending money on banner advertising or other paid link methods, maybe you should consider investing some money on lowering page load times.

Youtube view and like buying is leading to bad search results

Posted by Alex Bailey On October - 16 - 2013

It’s no surprise that Google ranks its own website, Youtube, higher in the search results. However, as part of their constant algorithm changes appear to give Youtube videos higher and potentially unfair positioning, SEO experts will further incorporate Youtube into their overall promotion strategies. With Google constantly changing, SEO experts are always trying to stay ahead of the game. One method they’re using is to buy Youtube views and likes. This in return is negatively effecting... (more...)

Google Glass and Education: Help for Students With Disabilities

Posted by Alex Bailey On October - 9 - 2013
Google Glass

The latest statistics released from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that developmental disabilities (including learning disabilities) are fairly common in our children. A study of U.S. children from 2006 to 2008 found that one in six had some form of disability. Between 1997 and 2008, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder increased by 33 percent, autism by nearly 300 percent and learning disabilities by a little more than five percent. Some educators believe the new Google... (more...)

Google Drive offering extra 10 gigs to link your QuickOffice account

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 23 - 2013
Google Drive

I’ve made numerous posts analyzing different online backup providers for things like reliability, compatibility with smart phones, and storage space offered. Google Drive has always been at the top of my list for a variety of different reasons, however, today it’s very clear that they are number one in the industry. They’re combining the power of their recent purchase QuickOffice with their Drive service to beat all of the competitors in the industry. To make things even better,... (more...)

Google gives you options from the afterlife

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 12 - 2013

Handling online identities once a user has been deceased has been a challenge for many tech companies in the last few years. Google has just released a new service to deal with your Google account after a period of inactivity called Inactive Account Manager. This new service allows you to pick trusted parties to access certain parts of your Google account and delete personal data once you are gone. Google’s new Inactivity Account Manager allows you to pick from three, six, nine or twelve... (more...)

Bing delivers 5 times more malware, but will that effect you?

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 12 - 2013

According to a recent study done by AV-Test, Bing delivers up to five times more malware in its search results than Google. However, when looking at the test more closely, it’s a pretty insignificant amount. According to the study only 1,285 Bing searches out of 10.9 million or 0.0117% resulted in what the study called Malware. Combined with the modern browser’s ability to detect harmful websites, is this really a significant reason to stop using Bing? The study done over 18 months... (more...)