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Reddit mob forms after Olive Garden post appears

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 28 - 2013
Reddit More than once social media websites like Reddit have formed online “mobs” without fully understanding a situation. A recent post on Reddit showed a local Olive Garden giving a free meal to a family who was in need. However, within hours a group of Redditors started accusing Olive Garden of paying an advertising firm to popularize this image for promotional purposes. Since the start of social media, people have been finding ways to game the system. To a SEO company, websites like...

Using guest posting to effectively build links

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 23 - 2013
Guest blog posting

One of the biggest challenges for webmasters is finding high quality links at a low or even no cost. Finding high quality link backs for free is possible, but requires you to put in a good amount of effort. It’s easy to find a bunch of low quality backlinks in a short amount of time, but building those relevant backlinks on high authority pages is something that takes a little elbow grease. Guest blog posting is one of my favorite ways to obtain the most relevant links for no cost at all.... (more...)

Best online SEO tools for webmasters

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 23 - 2013
Online SEO Tools

Webmasters all over the world struggle with getting their websites ranked number one in search engines. Buying links to promote your website in Google and other search engines can be very effective to boost your rankings, but not all links are equal. There are a variety of metrics used to measure the effectiveness of a backlink and many online tools that can estimate the quality. Here are some reviews of online SEO tools I use to find the best backlinks for my websites. One of my favorite tools... (more...)

Smart phones that can display advertisments based on whether?

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 16 - 2012
Google Adsense

There’s been a lot of buzz on websites like because of a new Google copyright that would serve advertisements based on your environmental conditions. Many people are calling these creepy or an invasion of privacy, but is it really? Google, Facebook, and any other large company that sells advertisements decides which ads to display based on your searches, interests, age, and a variety of other factors. So why not take it a step further with mobile devices and use environmental... (more...)

Panda and Penguin helped websites with good content

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 5 - 2012

Many people are complaining about the recent Google updates to their search engine algorithm. I can’t help but think that the majority of people complaining are gaming the system and do not deserve high rankings in the first place. Like always, if your site has quality content that’s beneficial to your audience, you probably were not affected. If you’re like me, your websites traffic even improved. April 19th was when the latest Panda updates took place. Like clockwork, some of my websites... (more...)

Why Google Drive is “OK” and not great

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 1 - 2012
Google Drive

Google is usually known for their high quality web services, but I along with most people am not too impressed with their latest service: Google Drive. My expectations for Drive were to at least match and hopefully exceed services offered by competitors in online file storage, but in my opinion Drive is just your average cloud storage service. There are really no advantages or incentives to using Drive over your current file storage provider and here’s why. Public sharable URLs My biggest gripe... (more...)