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Google Drive official; Dropbox offers direct linking to files

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 24 - 2012
Google Drive Logo

The rumors buzzing around the web have finally been confirmed today officially on Google blog. Google drive will kick off offering 5Gb of free storage and premium accounts with tiered space that smashes all competitors including Dropbox. Google Drive will be available for United States users originally on most platforms. Software for Windows, Mac, and Android based devices will be among the first platforms you can use the Drive app on. A future iPhone app will be released shortly. The tier plans... (more...)

All about Gmail’s space counter

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 3 - 2012

One of the top searches to this blog is questions people have about Gmail’s space counter. I wrongly assumed since it’s been around so long most people understood why they have it and how it can keep on counting. How can Gmail’s space counter keep counting? Well that’s easy the Gmail counter goes up by extremely small increments at a time. In fact, it only goes up about eight millionths of a megabyte per second. To put this in perspective, say an average email is about... (more...)

How will Google’s changes effect your SEO?

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 24 - 2012

Google recently announced it was adjusting its algorithm to focus on quality content instead of highly optimized web pages. So what does this mean for SEO specialists? If you have a quality web page that isn’t made for Adsense with high percentage of keywords it means very little. Using traditional SEO methods along with normal content will continue to wreak success on Google. A common technique among SEOs is to keyword stuff. In layman’s terms if you want to rank highly for a search... (more...)

Gmail icons back to text

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 20 - 2012

Since Gmail’s new interface many users including me have complained about having difficulty operating the icon only interface. Like many products like Microsoft Office Gmail followed the trend of making an almost all Icon interface. Google and Microsoft alike try out all of their new changes with thousands of testers to make sure their changes are for the better. Even extremely minor changes in hex code are put to the test. With this known it’s pretty amazing that the majority of... (more...)

Google Tweaks Algo To Favor Wikipedia

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 29 - 2007

When searching for broad terms such as “pizza” or “karate” one of the top 10 entries will usually be from Wikipedia. However, it appears that Google has tweaked their algorithm so that whenever a user appends the word “information” or “info” (no quotes) to a search, the first result is almost always a Wikipedia entry. Google appears to be parsing out the first line of a Wikipedia entry, and using it as the text in the Google result. When searching... (more...)

Google Releases Free 411 Service

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 7 - 2007

Google has put a service in their labs section called Goog-411, and it’s completely amazing. Upon dialing the easy to remember number (1-800-GOOG-411), you’re greeted with an automated voice. He asks your city and state, and then asks what you’re looking for. The results said in chunks of 8, and you can say which number you want at any time. The automated voice will tell you the details including phone number and address over the phone, or text message you. If you’ve... (more...)