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6 Facebook Challenges to Google LinkedIn Twitter and Social

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 31 - 2015
Globe and keyboard

Ask anyone, and Facebook is the go to source for social networking and media. Once upon a time MySpace was the king of the hill, but despite Justin Timberlake’s support and the frenzy of social and real world events MySpace has made to increase their user base, it’s just a dead horse (they still keep beating it though). No one wants to use it, and no one is really interested in it. Meanwhile Facebook has become more of a brand than a service, creating numerous things that tie it’s increasingly... (more...)

Why The BYOD Trend Is So Popular

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 15 - 2013
Bring your own device

There is a revolution currently taking place in the business world, one that continues to gain supporters across a wide range of industries. That revolution is the adoption and implementation of BYOD workplace policies. An acronym for “Bring Your Own Device”, this workplace philosophy is gaining traction for a number of reasons. Put simply, it provides demonstrable benefits and affords businesses tremendous freedoms. Whether you are a business owner, manage a team of employees, or oversee an... (more...)

Steal the Pixels tries to reinvent the wheel

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 27 - 2013

Alex Tew made pixel advertising famous with his hugely popular Million Dollar Homepage.  Since then there have been many imitators including Tew himself.  His subsequent project, Pixel Lotto failed along with possibly hundreds of other clones seeking to cash in on his successful ideas.  However, among these clones comes Steal the Pixels with one cool addition – stealing advertising blocks from other publishers. In case you’re not familiar with pixel advertising, the premise is simple.  You... (more...)

Apple News: iOS 7 & A New TV Experience?

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 27 - 2013

Apple has been dominating the news as of late. With their big iOS 7 reveal on June 10 and Tim Cook’s May 28 appearance at the All Things D conference, they’ve been staying busy. During the past decade, the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital conference (also known as All Things D) has been incredibly influential in the world of technology. The annual conference brings together the top authorities in the industry, with past speakers including LinkedIn chairman Reid Hoffman,... (more...)


Kim Dotcom’s criminal attorney released a white paper today accusing the Obama administration of being in the pocket of the MPAA. It further claims that the White House is for sale, and in the pockets of big business. They state that they used dubious legal principles to take down the biggest file hosting website in what is now the biggest copyright case in the world. Kim’s lawyers attacked links between Chris Dodd and Joe Biden, who are good friends. Chris Dodd, who is the CEO of... (more...)

Smart phones that can display advertisments based on whether?

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 16 - 2012
Google Adsense

There’s been a lot of buzz on websites like because of a new Google copyright that would serve advertisements based on your environmental conditions. Many people are calling these creepy or an invasion of privacy, but is it really? Google, Facebook, and any other large company that sells advertisements decides which ads to display based on your searches, interests, age, and a variety of other factors. So why not take it a step further with mobile devices and use environmental... (more...)