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Is Android Wear for Gaming?

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 4 - 2016
Android Gaming

There are now more than two million Android apps crammed into Google Play and, according to Statista, 41.2% of those apps are games. From free play simulators to paid for platforms, the Android market is literally buzzing with games of all shapes and sizes. With users now comfortable downloading everything from Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds and 32Red’s Game of Thrones by Microgaming to Oddrok Action’s Power Hover, the market is now looking towards wearable tech. Although we’re... (more...)

Read old notifications on your Android

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 12 - 2014

Everyone using an Android at one time or another has accidentally cleared their notifications only to realize at the last second that they’ve cleared something they want to read later.  It happens all the time, large lists of notifications – text messages, missed phone calls, voicemails, app updates.  Sometimes the list gets a little overwhelming.  Fast clickers sometimes erase the notification messages without even bothering to read them, and at the very last second see something that catches... (more...)

Top Android apps of 2013

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 27 - 2013

It’s been a fairly good year for Android, with the number of apps in 2013 now crossing one million. After years of trailing iOS, Android is finally starting to surpass Apple in popularity. However, with its popularity comes a difficulty in finding the coolest apps. Here’s a recap of some of the best Android applications of 2013. Digg I know what you’re thinking: I haven’t used Digg since 2008, why should I care about their software. Well, Digg has actually come a long way... (more...)

4 Android apps to bring out your inner cop

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 17 - 2013

Have you always wanted to be a police officer? With the right Android applications, you can now come one step closer to doing just that. Ranging from apps that allow you to scan police radio stations, decode police codes and terms, and look up criminal statutes, you can now play cop or become a super neighborhood watchmen. Police Radio Scanner Scanner Radio is a free app that allows you to listen to police radio feeds. Now it doesn’t work like a traditional scanner which allows you to pick... (more...)

Google set to update Gmail app for Android

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 30 - 2013

If you’re like me and only have one email account, managing all the emails that flow into that account can be a tedious task – especially on a mobile device.  Google has tackled this problem by sorting emails into categories to make them more manageable, allowing you to sort them by types.  The changes will roll out on desktops and smart phones such as the Android over the next couple of weeks. I really think these changes are useful on my Android the most.  When I’m on the go, sorting through... (more...)

Anyoption allows trading right from your Android or iPhone

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 10 - 2013
Mobile trades

Trading stocks and currency has never been easier in the age of the internet. Trades can now be done at low costs without brokers online. However, Anyoption has taken that one step further and given you the ability to trade stocks and commodities on your iPhone or Android. That’s right, a mobile app that lets you trade binary options. Binary trading is a quick way to earn money trading stocks. Many people see it as risky and impulsive, but it does have some advantages. Rather than wait your... (more...)