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Some Anti-Windows Pro-Linux Defacements

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 7 - 2007

Not much to say about the following images. The Vista defacement happened in Toronto, but it’s definitely not the most creative idea. Now this one is painted well, and quite creative. Here’s a quick stencil, painted on a wall. Not sure if this is real, but it’s from the XP days. Even if it’s a photoshop, it’s still funny.  Read More →

Linux Command Line WordPress Theme

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 21 - 2007

This is by far one of the most clever ideas I’ve seen for WordPress. It’s a Linux command line based theme. This does indeed mean that to navigate your blog, you’ll need to type commands. To list all the posts, simply type ls. Now from there you can click to see the post, and it will be injected on to the screen. It even has the startx command to bring up a normal WordPress theme. Typing help reveals the avaliable commands: gui, startx: Return to GUI (graphical... (more...)

A Windows Installer For Ubuntu

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 17 - 2007

A few years ago a Linux installation used to be quite a challenge. Manually partitioning the slackware install with the text-only installer has probably discouraged quite a few people. As GUI installers became more popular in distributions such as SuSe, Linux started to get a little bit more popular. However the Ubuntu developers are finally testing the inevitable; a Windows installer for Ubuntu. The advantages are listed on Ubuntu’s Forums as: * very simple to use * provide a no-risk... (more...)

Hacking WEP With Fake Authentication + Video

Posted by On January - 8 - 2007

Video Demonstration: Hacking WEP This is a tutorial on how to crack Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), whether it is 64-bit or 128-bit. Depending on whether there are clients connected to your Access Point (AP) or not will decide which method you need to use to generate wireless traffic. If you are looking for a Linux Distribution that contains all of the tools needed for this, I would highly recommend Back|Track 2. Not only does it contain hundreds of open source tools, but it is also based on the... (more...)

Free Linux Disks Project Crashing Under Pressure

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 12 - 2006

A while ago I ordered a Gentoo install disk via Since then it has been long forgotten about. Today I got an email saying The Free Linux Disk project has been under tremendous pressure lately. We underestimated the demand for free Linux disks. We have over 20,000 requests to fill. The project is funded and supported by volunteers and we are trying very hard to keep up with demand. Ouch, no Linux disk for me. Some of the things they suggest doing are cancelling the order, or... (more...)

Part 2 Of Gentoo Router: Samba And TrueCrypt

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 4 - 2006

I wrote about turning your PC in to a router using Linux a few nights ago, and it drew a lot of criticism and a lot of positive comments. People were suggesting live cds that save all data to a floppy as the distro to use on your router. With the router being one of the most important parts of a network I don’t see myself doing that anytime soon. However there were a lot of good alternatives suggested that in time I will try on my old PC that randomly restarts itself. Some people were... (more...)