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What are your reasons for using Os X over Windows?

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 24 - 2012
Mac Os X

For over ten years Apple has been battling with Microsoft to take the lead in operating system sales. However, with the popularity of Macs comes viruses and malware which takes away the main reason of owning a Mac: security. Mac OS X users have been relying on security through obscurity since its release and that’s finally starting to come to an end with the release of many new Trojans. Mac users have two main arguments for Os X, security and ease of use. With the recent Java exploit and... (more...)

Flashback trojan exploits java; 600,000 Mac users infected

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 6 - 2012

A malware analyst announced yesterday that approximately 600,000 Mac’s were part of a worldwide botnet. Sorokin Ivan broke that number down further to claim that over half of the computers infected with the virus dubbed Flashback were located within the United States. The malware which was originally spotted in the wild in September of last year was originally a fake Adobe Flash plugin. It evolved into something much more and went on to exploit vulnerabilities in Java. Apple promptly released... (more...)