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Some Anti-Windows Pro-Linux Defacements

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 7 - 2007

Not much to say about the following images. The Vista defacement happened in Toronto, but it’s definitely not the most creative idea. Now this one is painted well, and quite creative. Here’s a quick stencil, painted on a wall. Not sure if this is real, but it’s from the XP days. Even if it’s a photoshop, it’s still funny.  Read More →

Windows Vista Beta 2 released in February of 2006, was the first build of Vista for the general public. However, with the ample time Apple had to develop a working iTunes product for Vista’s RTM build, they failed. Instead of coming up with solutions to the multiple Vista/iTunes compatibility issues, they’ve developed software to change your PC to have the proper settings. The iTunes Repair Tool for Vista 1.0 will repair permissions for important files required by iTunes to play your... (more...)

Vista Task Manager Control Alt Delete Alternatives

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 31 - 2007

Say hasta la Vista to control alt delete in Windows Vista. If you’re familiar with those legendary keys bringing up the Task Manager, get ready for a change. Vista’s control alt delete now brings up a full screen menu. Your options? Lock this computer Switch User Log off Change a password Open Task Manager So far I’ve not come accross any hacks to directly fix the issue, but there are still three solutions. Solution #1 The new keyboard short cut is CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. Seems a little... (more...)

No this isn’t a dream that’s the actual product name. I’m not exactly sure what I think of this. Microsoft is confirming it’s a real product, however the signatures are obviously not hand signed on each copy. Instead they’re just printed. The version they’re selling is $259, and can only be upgraded from an existing installation of Windows XP. From the image it appears that they are selling 20,000 copies of it, and the number you get will be printed on the... (more...)

Windows Vista’s KMS System Stolen, And Is Activated

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 8 - 2006

Microsoft has thought up new ideas for activation for their new operating system, Windows Vista. It involves one PC on the network running special Microsoft software called “Key Management Service”. This makes it so large businesses don’t have to keep in touch with Microsoft servers every time they want to activate a version of Windows. All they have to do is make a brief connection with a network PC. The downside of using a KMS system is that the activation is not forever,... (more...)

Microsoft Says To Wait Before We Pirate Vista

Posted by Alex Bailey On November - 15 - 2006

Perhaps in a desperate attempt to stop piracy Microsoft has responded to the recent cracks in Windows Vista. Essentially they are telling users to wait before they pirate the operating system. Microsoft is happy that customers are eager to begin using Windows Vista; however, the copies available for download are not final code and users should avoid unauthorised copies which could be incomplete or tampered. I fail to see how they are claiming that is unfinished code. The torrents are all RTM releases.... (more...)