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Some Anti-Windows Pro-Linux Defacements

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 7 - 2007

Not much to say about the following images. The Vista defacement happened in Toronto, but it’s definitely not the most creative idea. Now this one is painted well, and quite creative. Here’s a quick stencil, painted on a wall. Not sure if this is real, but it’s from the XP days. Even if it’s a photoshop, it’s still funny.  Read More →

Free Copy Of Microsoft Office 2007 Pro

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 12 - 2007

If you have not gotten your hands on Office 2007 beta yet, then why wait? Just get the real thing; for free. All you have to do is attend a Microsoft sponsored event. They’re all over the country (United States only). In the east and west coast, the events start in January, and on in to February. If you live in the center of it all, Chicago, we don’t get anything till February. A lot of the events are selling out, and fast. In fact most of the Chicago events are sold out. I managed... (more...)

Bundle Common Freeware Apps Into An XP Install

Posted by Alex Bailey On December - 22 - 2006

If you’re one of those people who tend to format often, then installing all the applications you need can be tedious work. Thankfully there is a way to embed common freeware programs directly into the Windows ISO file. Upon the installation of Windows, the selected programs you’ve chosen will silently install. To do it, you need to copy the files from your XP CD to your hard drive. From there you can use nLite (requires .NET framework 2.0) to add in the programs you’d like. ... (more...)