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Newest Tech Gadgets of 2016

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 10 - 2016

Newest Tech Gadgets of 2016   This is going to be a huge year for tech innovation – especially lifestyle tech designed to meet universal needs. Think infant car seats that can tell you if you’ve left your little one unattended, or an umbrella that reminds you that it’s raining. During this years’ Consumer Electronics Show – the annual exhibition of up-to-the-minute technology trends – showcased everything from practical gadgets for the home, to high tech must-haves only the... (more...)

What you should know before buying likes on Facebook

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 16 - 2013

Since the beginning of social media people have been buying votes to either gain traffic to their websites or increase the perceived popularity of their company. Companies like Facebook, Reddit, and Digg, constantly change their algorithms to detect voting fraud, but internet marketers constantly hone their skills and get around these new changes. Facebook being the most popular social website in the world has a huge target on their back when it comes to stopping fake likes of web pages. If your... (more...)

Microsoft coupon codes

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 4 - 2013
Microsoft Promo Code is a great source for coupon codes for Microsoft products. You can get discounts on Office, Windows, and even Xbox 360. When purchasing products online, searching for promotional offers is a must every time. Whether you’re purchasing inexpensive things like domain names, or expensive hardware, there are almost always discounts available.

Can unlimited web hosts live up to their claims?

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 27 - 2012
Web hosting

I’ve used all hosting types from dedicated to VPS to shared. I’ve found each to have their own individual strengths and weaknesses and have finally settled on shared hosting. Aside from people who need high customization or own extremely high traffic websites, shared hosting works fine. There are many companies who make big claims offering unlimited hosting. This means unlimited bandwidth, file space, and domains. However, with these wild claims, can they provide a worthwhile service? The... (more...)