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Convert MKV files to AVI for playback on Xbox

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 7 - 2014
Media Files

I stream a lot of media from my PC to my Xbox so I can play it on my TV. Unfortunately Xbox is pretty limited on the file types it will play over the network. You can play WMV, mp4, and most AVI files, but that’s pretty much it. Even your AVI files have to be encoded a certain way or it will not work. Many of the media files I download nowadays, especially high definition videos, are in MKV format. For this reason I need fast and reliable software that allows me to easily convert MKV to AVI... (more...)

3 things to look at when picking a web host

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 18 - 2014
Web Design

Having the right web hosting provider is crucial to your success online. It can spell the difference between retaining a customer or losing one. For example, if your site is slow to load or down, your customer might look for another site, most likely a competitor. Therefore reliability is a must. iPage is a top choice when it comes to reliability. A minimum uptime rate is 99.5% otherwise you’re in trouble.  Another thing to consider is the cost. Shared hosting platforms are best for bloggers... (more...)

Easy to use and free partition software

Posted by Alex Bailey On January - 10 - 2014

I recently decided to give Linux another shot for desktop use. The HDMI out for Windows 8 was going in and out, and I could not maintain a constant picture. I did everything from update drivers to swap cords and TVs, but to no avail. I tried the HDMI port on an Ubuntu Live CD, and it worked fine so I decided to install Ubuntu. To do this I needed to partition my hard drive to allow a copy of Windows 8 and a copy of Ubuntu to run side by side (a dual boot). Not too much trouble, I can allocate half... (more...)

Top three online backup services

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 20 - 2013
Online backups

With all the different online backup services, which ones are the best for you? Large companies like Microsoft and Google offer some competitively priced services, but are less known companies the better option. Let’s explore some things like reliability, cost, and storage space to find the best online backup service. SkyDrive by Microsoft is one of my favorite online backups. Aside from allowing you over 7 GB of space for free, they also offer the convenience of having a built in application... (more...)

Web based GUI for tracking sales leads

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 7 - 2013
Sales leads tracking

Many businesses, especially smaller ones, track sales leads in messy Excel files. With Blitz lead management software, you can track leads with an easy to use web based interface. You can import existing lists from a ton of sources, including Excel files. Best of all, Blitz software supports mobile applications so you can manage your leads from a variety of devices. One of the things I really like about this software is the flexibility it has when importing lists. Let’s start with Excel documents.... (more...)

Stream or download mp3s using MediaDrug

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 10 - 2013
Mp3 Download

Many services offer the streaming of free online music, but few allow you to download that music and save it on your hard drive. MediaDrug allows you to both stream music and download and save the songs in mp3 format on your hard drive. MediaDrug makes finding individual songs or entire albums a snap. MediaDrug works by scouring over 50 sources of free music to bring mp3s at your fingertips. Once you find the music you want you can create a playlist so you don’t have to go through the search... (more...)