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Why It’s Important To Compare Storage Pricing

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 28 - 2014
Cloud backup services

In the world of online storage, there are lots of services and options. There are well over 100 providers at the time of writing this article, all of which offer a service which can be considered similar to their competitors. Online storage isn’t something that can vary in terms of service, in short, it’s a service which allows you to backup and store files from your computer or mobile device and store it online. Usually in “The Cloud”. With so many companies offering the... (more...)

Easily back up your website’s data to the cloud

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 6 - 2014
Save your data

With storage space being so cheap, and cloud based services in abundance, no webmaster should not be doing online backups.  There are many options when backing up your files, but I think a cloud based solution is both the easiest and the cheapest.  By storing your data in the cloud, you can schedule backups that are easily restorable, are stored at a 3rd party location to ensure redundancy, and you don’t have to worry about expensive RAID arrays. If you own a lot of websites like I do, you may... (more...)

Almost DSLR: The must have iPhone app for amateur photographers

Posted by Alex Bailey On February - 13 - 2014

Smart phones have slowly been replacing expensive cameras for the majority of casual photographers. Packing a separate device to take pictures is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Professional photographers will continue to use expensive cameras with DSLR lenses, however, for the vast majority of people, a simple smart phone will do. However, even for the casual smart phone user, there are applications to improve both the experience and quality of your shots. Sure, you can purchase an expensive... (more...)

Advanced reverse phone search database to identify callers

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 13 - 2013
Cell phone lookup

Many consumers in the United States are weaning away from land line phone services. Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days, so why the need for two phone bills? It used to be pretty easy to look up someone’s personal information with their land line phone number, but now with the increasing use of cell phones across the country, reverse lookups aren’t so easy anymore. Widgetbox is able to provide the names and addresses of cell phone numbers across the United States. There are... (more...)

Imgupr: Imgur iPhone application

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 20 - 2012

Ever since it was first introduced on Reddit a couple years ago, Imgur has been my sole image host. It’s easy to use, never goes down, and provides direct links to images. The advertisements are unobtrusive and you can use as much bandwidth of theirs as you like. You can create galleries out of the images you upload and for all my uses, Imgur is the best image host. That’s why I was excited to see Imgupr a brand new iPhone application that allows you to easily upload images to Imgur. When... (more...)

Convert your movies to iPad or iPod format

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 16 - 2012

With iPad sales on the rise and many people watching movies and other media files on these devices it’s important to know how to convert your movies and music to optimal iPad or iPod formats. 4Media has a nice DVD ripper for Mac and Windows users. It’ll convert all standard and high definition video files as well as DVDs into watchable formats for the iPad, iPod, Xbox and all other streaming devices. You can even use it as a ringtone maker. Apple devices typically play .mp4 movie formats... (more...)