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Web Hosting Trends in 2016

Posted by Alex Bailey On August - 16 - 2016

When the average person thinks of web hosting, they think of a place to upload their files and little more. While this is indeed the primary purpose of web hosting, it is important to realize that technology and its trends are steadily marching forward. We are over halfway through 2016, and while the year has not brought anything spectacularly new to the hosting market, it has solidified several trends in the field. Let’s explore some of the standards that web hosts should adhere to if they... (more...)

Maximize your brand using digital promotion

Posted by Alex Bailey On June - 3 - 2016

Base Your Digital Marketing Campaign From Your Official Online Company Headquarters Before you launch your official business website, it’s an excellent idea to have a few ideas mapped out concerning the digital marketing campaign that you plan to implement in order to properly advertise your goods and services. Without an adequately thought out marketing master plan, your business is bound to fall flat on its face, for the simple reason that no one will ever have an opportunity to hear about... (more...)

What Makes a Successful Website?

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 4 - 2016
Web Design

A high-quality website is vital for a successful business. An unattractive or poorly designed website can actually hurt your business rather than help it. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to website design, which is why custom web design is essential. However, there are general components that any successful website must have. How Your Website Can Stand Out from Your Competitors The site should have good organization and not be cluttered. It should be clean and professional looking because... (more...)

Setting up a secure WordPress website

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 20 - 2014

WordPress is among the most used blogging platform in the world. There are tens of millions of users with perhaps millions of plugins and themes to go along with it. For this reason, it’s also a large target when it comes to hackers. There are just as many exploits for both WordPress and plugins as there are users of it. There’s even automated hacks that will scan the internet and automatically exploit your outdated WordPress software. Many people getting in to the webmaster field don’t give... (more...)

Uptime isn’t everything: Analyzing page load time

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 17 - 2014

When picking out a web host there is more to it than uptime and how much bandwidth and disk space they offer. The biggest factor is often times the hardest to discern before actually registering an account. It’s so important that it will even play a large role in how well your websites will rank in Google. That’s right, it’s your website’s response time. However, there are a couple things to do to get an idea of how well your new server will respond. There’s also some things you can do... (more...)

Challenges In Modern Web Development: Things To Know

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 8 - 2014
Dot Com

Modern web development is an exciting and challenging field whereby designers and developers have better opportunities to work on more creative designs within the fast evolving web space. Accessibility, user experience, content strategy, front end development, mobile applications are some of the crucial aspects of web development that have undergone drastic changes in recent times. Today within the scope of this post, we’ll primarily discuss the exciting challenges integrally associated with the... (more...)