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Setting up a secure WordPress website

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 20 - 2014

WordPress is among the most used blogging platform in the world. There are tens of millions of users with perhaps millions of plugins and themes to go along with it. For this reason, it’s also a large target when it comes to hackers. There are just as many exploits for both WordPress and plugins as there are users of it. There’s even automated hacks that will scan the internet and automatically exploit your outdated WordPress software. Many people getting in to the webmaster field don’t give... (more...)

Drag and drop business class websites with WordPress

Posted by Alex Bailey On March - 14 - 2014
WP Logo

When people think of WordPress, they think of blogging software.  However, millions of business class websites that you visit everyday use WordPress as their backbone, and you’ve probably not been able to tell the difference.  Many small businesses are opting to have inexpensive websites developed for their company using the free and open sourced software, rather than paying for custom web development.  With just a few simple plugins, you can transform any WordPress website into a professional... (more...)

Blogger, WordPress, and Weebly changed the way we use the internet

Posted by Alex Bailey On April - 22 - 2013
Web Design

Before the days of WordPress and other free blogging platforms, if you wanted a website you’d have to use a cookie cutter website designer, or do it yourself. Now with WordPress being so easy to setup, just about anyone can have a website these days. Whether you want a forum, eCommerce, or just a plain old blog, WordPress is a highly flexible CMS that can do it all. Many people think WordPress is just a blogging platform. Over my 9 years of tinkering with websites, I’ve found it to... (more...)

Why I use WordPress for my micro niche sites

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 11 - 2012

I’ve been creating a lot of micro niche sites recently. A micro niche site for me is an 11 page site with 10 articles and an article on the home page. The domain is an exact match for your main keyword. These are high quality articles with 2-5 images per page. The content isn’t spammy, it’s useful and attracts linkbacks from eHow and other websites that use it as guides. I’ve found that using WordPress gets the website indexed and ranked faster than any other blogging platform. I’ve... (more...)

How WordPress made managing my websites easier

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 9 - 2012

When I originally started using WordPress in 2006 I used it strictly for blogging. I don’t think the developers at the time realized what the future would hold: a full on CMS. Many people eventually started to see WordPress as a SEO friendly CMS that could be used for much more than blogging. I started using it as a CMS for multiple websites, making use of its categories, pages, and static post features in ways that were not seen as traditional. By 2008 all the websites I designed had a WP backend... (more...)

WordPress comment rating (Comment Karma) update

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 6 - 2012

I haven’t updated my original WordPress plugin Comment Karma in years. For a while it wasn’t working on newer versions of WordPress and was officially discontinued. However, because of the goodness of open source, Wealthy Netizen decided to take up the task of restoring it. It now works on the newest versions of WordPress and has lots of new goodies. What is it? Comment Karma is a comment rating system for WordPress. It follows websites like Reddit and lets its users upvote or downvote... (more...)