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Challenges In Modern Web Development: Things To Know

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 8 - 2014

Modern web development is an exciting and challenging field whereby designers and developers have better opportunities to work on more creative designs within the fast evolving web space. Accessibility, user experience, content strategy, front end development, mobile applications are some of the crucial aspects of web development that have undergone drastic changes in recent times. Today within the scope of this post, we’ll primarily discuss the exciting challenges integrally associated with the concept of web development. No more can developers deal only with front end and the UI and UX visual design and stock it all up in a robust database.

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The Fast Evolving Multiple Operating Systems

The fast emergence of the multiple operating systems has given rise to one of the major challenges for web developers today. Until some time back it was the Windows Operating System that had widely been preferred by users. It actually turned out to be an advantage for developers with their main client base unified in their own OS usage. But with the emergence of so many new devices (meant for browsing), developers have to create sites compatible with different operating systems. Since customers are not willing to compromise on the quality of their experience on diverse devices like, PCs, tablets, internet TVs it becomes a bit arduous for developers to sustain such high expectations from users.
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Mobile Browsing: It’s Exploding!

Even in the midst of the growing popularity of mobile devices (as a means of internet browsing)- mobile browsing is not considered to be evolved properly. Though mobile browsing is well past its nascent stages, PC browsing is still considered to be the best option. One of the primary reasons behind this is while PCs load the entire website, mobiles only load cropped websites. Since the future of web is intrinsically linked to mobile, developers should start working on designs that are easily accommodated by the screen size of this device. Mobile device performance, discrepancies in network signals, security issues application stability are some of the crucial factors that should be taken in to consideration while developers are working in the area of mobile shopping carts. Experts have opined that though there is a wealth of resources to be explored as a means of reference in this regard; developers often lack perspectives of how their work influences the world. According to Microsoft’s Bryan Rieger, a developer hailing from UK opines that there is “far too little real-world pragmatism” that exists today.

Real Time Usability

Usability remains one of biggest concerns while a site is being developed. It’s believed that developers are so involved in their particular projects that it becomes difficult for them to gauge ways in which their audience would react to the complete website. However the basic demands of users is fast loading time. Search engines today are offering answers to queries in milliseconds.

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