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Digg IRC Bot

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 24 - 2006

Fixed a big where it doesn’t join certain servers. Also fixed a bug where it only outputs [New]. Download the latest version for the fix. Please report any other bugs as well. C# version is in the source, if you could fix up the sockets in that version that’d be cool. Anyone want to make a linux port in perl or java?

What it is:

Digg IRC Bot reports newly listed front page stories into IRC. As a story makes front page it will say something like [New] Title – Link. Also typing .fp will get the bot to PM you the current Digg headlines. It’s quite a simple program, and I built it more to teach people about using this socket class for IRC. However the program does give something to talk about when it spits out some interesting links.

Why I made it:

Well I’m on IRC often, and Digg servers seem to be getting slower and slower. Why not have newly reported stories given to me? I recently made an app called Digg Notify which tells me when the stories I’ve submitted were dugg, so I figured I’d continue with that as well.


The person to host the bot will need .NET Framework 2.0. It should work on dialup this time as it doens’t download as much data. It will however be slightly slower.


This is a very simple project that took a couple of hours. It downloads Digg’s RSS feed for the recent homepage stories. It parses the new RSS file and compares with the INI file of previous stories, and alerts you via IRC if there is a new story. If you’re interested in my other RSS like apps you should check out my desktop RSS reader “QuickRSS”.

What it looks like:

BotClick to enlarge…
Like I said just a simple output. If you want to see it live check out #Main, and wait for some new stories, or type .fp =).


Digg IRC Bot V1.3 (Console Version)
Digg IRC Bot v1.2 (SysTray Version – Thanks to Magus)
Digg IRC Bot Source V1.3
.NET Framework 2.0

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