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Digg Notify

Posted by Alex Bailey On September - 21 - 2006

What it is:
Digg Notify is an application that pops up a small box in the bottom right hand side of your screen. It tells you when your story hits front page as well. The window never gains focus so it should not bother you. You can configure the minimum amount of diggs before the messages start coming. You can also configure the amount of stories it scans for. Once your story hits front page it will notify you of that and then ignore it so you don’t get swamped with messages. You also have the option of ignoring/unignoring certain stories.

Why I made it:

I made this because I saw a project that did the same thing as mine, however it did not work. Sometimes it had runtime errors. Also the windows gained focus which is a huge distraction. Mine also has configuration options.


You’ll need a broadband connection most likely. It downloads a lot of data per hour. 3.75 Megabytes per hour to be exact. You can thank Digg for that. They recently changed the size of their RSS feed. The other thing you will need is Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.


If you have any comments/suggestions/questions, or just want to show me the code modifications you’ve done you can either comment on this post, or you can use my contact form. Additionally you can find me on this site’s IRC server which is #Main. Just call my name so it flashes if I don’t answer.

How it works:

This is a very simple project that took a couple of hours. It downloads a user’s RSS feed for their recent submissions. It then parses the given amount and compares the new amount of comments from the RSS feed to the old amount of comments in the INI configuration file. If it’s different it pops up the message box. If you’re interested in my other RSS like apps you should check out my desktop RSS reader “QuickRSS”.

What it looks like:

Well it’s a small box that is slightly transparent. Here is a small image of what it looks like, click it for the whole screen shot.

Click to enlarge

Full screen shot.


You can download the source or the binary. I ask that if you modify it with enough changes to matter that you send it to me. I can post the updated version with credits to you.
Digg Notify V1
Digg Notify Source V1
.NET Framework 2.0

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