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Google set to update Gmail app for Android

Posted by Alex Bailey On May - 30 - 2013

If you’re like me and only have one email account, managing all the emails that flow into that account can be a tedious task – especially on a mobile device.  Google has tackled this problem by sorting emails into categories to make them more manageable, allowing you to sort them by types.  The changes will roll out on desktops and smart phones such as the Android over the next couple of weeks.

I really think these changes are useful on my Android the most.  When I’m on the go, sorting through multiple emails is time consuming and unnecessary.  I don’t really care about social emails, forum posts, or available coupons on the go.  The new app interface allows me to sort by all those categories, and allows me to create new categories.  Check out what other people are saying about the new app by reading some Android app reviews.

You can add filters that will automatically sort email to a certain tab so Gmail remembers that choice in the future.  These new features will be rolled out on desktops as well as mobile applications in the upcoming weeks.

When you load the Gmail application for Android, you’ll be presented with your primary email like normal.  Your primary email is basically all your emails in the inbox.  You’ll then be presented with the tabs you’ve chosen in the settings to further categorize your mail.  As of now this only includes Android 4.0+ users, and not previous versions.

If you wish to start taking advantage of these features before they roll out, you can.  Simply login to your Gmail account and click the gear icon.  Select configure inbox, and pick which tabs you want to use.  Either way, these changes will be on all Androids and desktops within a few weeks for everybody to take advantage of.


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